April Barry: Fit Mom of Four

Bombshell Total Body Transformation

Today we are sharing a transformation story featuring Bombshell Fitness member April Barry! April is the winner of Bombshell Fitness’s 2016 Bombshell body transformation challenge that was judged on physical improvements in overall body shape. In addition, each participant had to demonstrate some sort of individualized inner change and improvement.

Throughout this 12-week challenge, participants were guided by a Bombshell coach in regards to nutrition and fitness, and also had weekly challenges to complete. The transformation winners were announced at Bombshell’s BOMiCON event this summer.

April Barry: Fit Mom of Four - Bombshell Total Body Transformation

Here is April’s inspiring story!

April Barry has experienced the diet and fitness struggles and setbacks that many women can relate to. The 38-year-old mom of four spent years battling with her emotional and physical well being, and also suffered from eating disorders and binging for much of her life.

”I listened to the negativity of others, and even myself, instead of believing in me,” April said.

After having her fourth child, April decided it was time for a change— so in 2005 she earned her personal training certification. “I had a heart for the gym and always wanted to transform my body, but had gotten caught up in other people, close family, saying my body is just as good as it is going to get.”

But April kept working toward her goals and eventually decided to join Team Bombshell. “From that point on, I’ve believed that anything is possible and that there truly are no limits to what can be done. “

April Barry: Fit Mom of Four - Bombshell Total Body Transformation

Taking the Challenge

This year, April decided to join Bombshell’s transformation challenge because she was tired of her own excuses. “Blaming something or someone for our shortcomings is simple, but taking accountability and making a change is the real challenge. I made a promise to myself to keep trying every day, regardless of what outcome came from the day before. I chose to keep going instead of quitting early.”

But it was more than just a physical transformation. “I learned how to recognize my progress and small victories versus the losses or setbacks I encounter. I started reacting differently to life’s obstacles and stopped playing the victim when things didn’t go the way I hoped.”

During the course of the challenge, April said she struggled with a few personal issues: her husband lost his job and her son enlisted in the Air Force, for instance. But the 12-week challenge was perfect because it was the one area she had control over. “I could control my success through my daily choices. I reminded myself that regardless of how much stress I was under, I still had control over waking up, eating well and working out. Where there is a will, there is definitely a way.”

April Barry: Fit Mom of Four - Bombshell Total Body Transformation

April’s Tips for Fitness Success

1. Stay the course and set realistic goals. “The results you envision will not come overnight. You can’t win a marathon after one practice, just as you can’t wake up with the body of your dreams after one day or one week of eating better and working out. Stick to the plan and be patient, enjoying every milestone and small change along the way.”

2. Excuses need to be checked at the door. “I counted the minutes I had been on my phone or watching TV and told myself that I could be making bigger changes in my physique with that time spent on a quick workout in my room. Sometimes we use time as an excuse and let it-hold us back, but the truth is, we can accomplish more than we think if we give up excuses and just get it done. Instead of lying in bed on your phone or opening up the fridge out of boredom, commit yourself to a quick 10- to 15-minute bodyweight circuit right at home. Involve your kids, or your pets, into your routine.”

3. Challenge yourself. “Take a step outside your comfort zone, because I promise you, that is where you will overcome and succeed. Join a class, add in extra exercises or workouts to your normal routine, join a social group, journal your days.”

4. Continue to try again tomorrow. “Take each day one step at a time and don’t let a setback or a failure cause you to throw in the towel.”

5. Remember that nothing is impossible. “You are stronger than you realize and in many cases, it takes challenges and setbacks for you to see your strength and know your worth. Look in the mirror and give yourself a smile.”

6. Know that you are worth it. “It’s OK to do this for yourself. It is easy to get caught up in others’ expectations, and we sometimes forget what it is we even want for ourselves. Take this time for you.”

April Barry: Fit Mom of Four - Bombshell Total Body Transformation

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