Invest in Yourself

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

I don’t care who you are, when you look good … you feel good. Feeling good about yourself builds confidence. And confidence is sexy.

Somehow in learning to be an adult, many of us forget to make ourselves a priority. School, job, significant others and kids can, at times, overwhelm us. If you have lost your way, have forgotten how to put yourself first or have allowed your self-esteem to leave the radar, I have one suggestion: It’s time to invest in yourself.

Invest in Yourself - When You Look Good, You Feel Good

Investing money, time and focusing on doing things that polish your look and increase your confidence can increase your sense of well-being and satisfaction in life. Those investments can also improve and empower your personal and romantic relationships.

Not sure where to start? Think about these:

1. Exercise – Are you currently doing ANYTHING physical on a regular basis? Find time to train, balancing cardio and strength training to get a well-rounded workout. Don’t have a clue where to start? You may want to pay a trainer to get you started, teach you the basics and give you a workout plan. Plus, learning how to exercise correctly will help you avoid injury and give you confidence in the gym. Gym or no gym, just schedule time to move more and be active.

2. Personal Maintenance – While you don’t have to be “high maintenance,” some maintenance is necessary. We ARE girls, after all. And being female requires some self-care. Getting a mani/pedi, getting rid of unwanted hair and periodically changing up your hairstyle can make you feel like a million bucks. How far you go with it is your choice, but showing some style shows you care.

3. Fashion – If it has been a couple of years since you updated your wardrobe, it may be time to rethink the items in your closet. You don’t need to throw it all out and start from scratch, but getting rid of pieces that don’t fit or that were super trendy at the time, and replacing them with updated options, doesn’t have to require a second mortgage.

SIDE NOTE: If you are waiting until you have dropped another pant size until you shop … DON’T! Wearing baggy clothes that show no shape will not inspire or motivate you in any way. If you are in the middle of a transformation, buy a few less expensive items that show off all your hard work until you reach your goal.

4. Food – Yes, processed food is cheap and convenient, but it can be more expensive in the long run in terms of health and possible medical bills. Investing in fresh, whole food has long-term benefits. Overall improvement in health and wellness, avoidance of illnesses and disease and a vibrant, energetic life are just a few of the perks of eating well.

5. Support Team – Do you avoid the doctor? Do you let your girlfriend color your hair because she will do it for cheap even though it never looks quite right? Good health and self-esteem takes effort and focus. Don’t sell yourself short on the things that are most important. Pick your “support team” wisely. These might include a massage therapist, a dentist, a babysitter (if you have kids or fur children), a therapist … you get the idea.

6. Time – Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself. “Beauty sleep” is a real thing. Actually, using that treadmill that is collecting dust requires that you turn it on and get on it. Shopping for clothes is a better experience if you can try them on in the store first to see if things fit. No one can make you schedule time to take care of yourself. The effort must be up to you.

Invest in Yourself - When You Look Good, You Feel Good

Being selfless and putting everyone else first in your life is not a virtue. If you aren’t happy, how can you make anyone else happy? Investing in yourself is a worthwhile habit that can improve your self-worth, happiness and overall well-being.

Melissa Fillmore

Melissa Fillmore is a former NPC National level Figure and Women's Physique competitor. She is a personal trainer, health and wellness coach and owner of Fillmore Fitness, LLC in Pasco, Washington. Melissa lives with her husband Craig and 4 of her 5 children. The oldest is currently serving our country in the Marines.

Facebok: fillmorefitness
Instagram: @melissafillmore_1

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