10 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2013!

Tips to achieve your goals in the new year

With a new year fast approaching, it is time to sit down and think about what happened in 2012, and what you want to make happen in 2013! Did you start pursuing a goal in 2012, but you quit or fell short for some reason? Sticking to goals requires motivation, dedication and commitment! Most people commit to a goal, work toward it for a few weeks and all off. The question is, as the new year is fast approaching, have you thought about what you can do to make this the year of change?

Motivation can come from a variety of sources. Keeping your motivation up through any weight loss, diet or training program can be a challenge! The key to success is to get really excited about what you are about to do. You are making the decision to change your life, and although that may seem scary at first, in the end the pay-off will be well worth the results! Use these 10 motivational tips provided here to plan and keep moving forward in 2013! For example, finally commit to a show date, a target weight, or for that matter your ideal jean size. Write down specific and measurable goals on the same piece of paper, and place it where you can constantly be reminded— like your fridge door or your bathroom mirror! When you go to the gym, write down all your achievements and then try and beat them next time.

1. Focus on Your Outcomes: Don’t rely on others for self-esteem; set your own expectations and goals and work towards them every day! Before you lose weight, put on muscle, or get those six-pack abs you are after, you will have to re-shape your thinking and define your life by your standards! Set realistic goals for yourself and give yourself credit along the way when you achieve them!

2. Forward Momentum: As you begin to carve out a lean and muscular body and achieve your set goals, don’t stop there— set new goals and keep building on your success! Your new-found energy and positive outlook will continue to shape your life, and push you in the direction to achieve your new set goals.

3. Strong Determination: Motivation is the mechanism for transforming desire into reality. Sticking to your weight-loss and fitness goals requires determination and focus! If you make the commitment to change your life, you can’t give a half effort— get focused on your goals and keep moving forward. Remove negative distractions and focus on your successes along the way!

4. Reward Yourself: Once you have accomplished a goal you have set out to achieve, give yourself a reward for making that goal. Schedule a spa day and book a massage or facial— they can do the body and mind a world of good. A reward doesn’t always have to be in the form of a cheat food!

5. Removing Stress: Stress is nearly impossible to avoid; we are constantly inundated by stress from work to families to financial responsibilities and much more. Learning to deal with stress in a positive way is the best way to ensure you achieve your weight-loss and fitness goals. Don’t reach for comfort food or internalize that stress after a bad day; remind yourself of your goals, get to the gym and perhaps schedule a yoga session or two each week!

6. Training Partner: Look for someone who’s on the same fitness level and has similar goals, and make a commitment to train together on a frequent basis; you will be more likely to keep to your fitness plan when someone else is invested.

7. Positive Surroundings: Once you have set your weight-loss and fitness goals, find a support group to encourage and not sabotage your success! Identify the positive people in your life and make an effort to hang out with them. Tell everyone about your goals and get buy-in, especially from those that are also in need of your time. Have them commit to providing you with at least one hour each day of “you time” solely for your workouts. On top of that, look for positive people with similar goals who can not only support you in your journey, but can also offer support when you need it.

8. Motivational Music: Make sure you compile your favorite motivational music into a playlist to keep you moving and pumped. Up-beat music will make your workout seem easier, acting as a distraction and blocking out the sensations that you may experience regarding pain and effort!

9. Book Workouts: Lack of planning will only result in missed workouts. Keep your workouts booked in your weekly calendars and set reminders. This will ensure you have the time to complete the workouts, before your calendar gets too full. And before you even get to the gym, make sure you have your workout in hand— this will ensure you have your plan ready to go when you arrive at the gym.

10. Don’t Be Afraid of Improvement: Fear can often prevent people from achieving their goals, because the pain of going through change far exceeds the positive outcome that is waiting for them on the other side! Don’t let fear prevent you from change; focus on your goals and keep moving forward! Improving your appearance can open up a whole new world and aid you in becoming a more positive, successful person. While more may be expected of you, you’ll also find yourself capable of delivering it.

Lauren Jacobsen

Lauren is the creator of Sexy, Strong and Fit Online Coaching Services specializing in transforming women to fitness model condition. Lauren has over 15 years of experience as a trainer, supplement consultant and nutrition expert. She is also the TV show host of "Body Fuel," a competitive athlete and regular contributor to various fitness publications.

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