Flat Belly Program

Getting Fit After Baby

Reconnect with your core, whether you’re six weeks or 25 years postpartum. My Flat Belly Program has been successful for closing the diastasis recti gap, strengthening the pelvic floor, eliminating lower back and shoulder pain, and helping moms and hundreds of women just like you lose one to four inches from their waist in just four weeks.

When I was pregnant, I was told, “Say goodbye to your flat stomach” and “Good luck ever doing jumping jacks without peeing yourself.” I’ll be honest— these comments not only motivated me to find a way back to my flat stomach, but also to create a program to help millions of moms do the same. I know as a mom, time is limited and getting to the gym is often impossible. So I have not only found the solution, but I’ve also created a program that moms just like you can do from home in less than 30 minutes a day to get your body back!

If you are a mom who has tried eating clean, doing planks, crunches, burpees and cardio to pull in your lower belly, only to grow frustrated that it still sticks out, this program and alignment tip is for you! If you work out for an hour a day, that is about four percent of your day— but what you are doing the rest of your day is even more important to achieve the results you are looking for.

The key to truly transforming your midsection is having a program specifically designed to retrain and strengthen the proper muscles in your core, as well as knowing little tips and tricks that you can do throughout the day that will produce lasting change. Click here to learn more about how making these simple adjustments throughout your day can drastically improve your appearance and body.

If you want to shrink your waist, close your gap, reduce injuries, eliminate lower back pain or just improve the strength of your core without ever going to the gym, my Flat Belly Program is for you. You are not doomed, and no longer need to feel frustrated with how you look and feel. My Flat Belly Program has helped hundreds of women transform their core in just four weeks, from the comfort and convenience of their home.

Ashley Marble

Ashley Marble is a Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist. She is an expert on helping women and moms regain their fitness levels, reclaim their confidence, and “heal their mummy tummy.” Her “Core Workshop” is her hottest program teaching women to retrain, flatten and strengthen their core after pregnancy.

Ashley’s passion and love for fitness, helping women improve their self-worth and confidence, combined with her gift for coaching, has led her to create simple, effective and fun online programs for women in all stages of life to achieve success.

Accomplishments: WSCH Channel 6 Health & Wellness Expert, Top 8 at Miss USA 2011, ESPN The Magazine Academic All American Basketball Player of the Year Divisions II, III & NAIA 2007, New England Basketball Hall of Fame, Little East Conference Hall of Fame, Southern Maine Hall of Fame

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Website: www.ashkickinfitclub.com
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For appearances & speaking: ashkickinfitclub@gmail.com

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