6 Mindset Tips for Weight Loss

How to Stay Committed

When we commit to losing weight, we want immediate results. We start to put pressure on ourselves to be perfect and to have an all or nothing mindset. Instead of thinking about what we can have we spend a lot of time complaining about what we can’t have. We start to judge foods as good or bad, rather than looking at how we feel when we eat certain foods. Here I have provided my top six daily mindset tips to focus on each day that will help you stay committed longer and reach your goals.

6 Mindset Tips for Weight Loss

Think Positive Always

I know that fear and doubt will creep in, maybe even some cravings, but trust the process and know what you can do anything you put your mind to. Remember your “why” and your “intentions.” Believe in yourself, embrace your journey and be excited for every new powerful choice you make! Every choice matters! It’s about self-love and not perfection. If you need accountability and support make sure to email me and discuss coaching options.

6 Mindset Tips for Weight Loss

Track Your Steps

This is all about your progress and journey. You are going to have great days, crappy days and OK days. The key is to try and keep your days consistent. Keeping track of your steps and which ones felt really good for you will help you to make more choices in alignment. So track what you ate, how long you felt full after, what foods you craved when you were stressed or worried, who encouraged you and what you did for movement that day. It will be extremely useful when figuring out what works best for you. Keeping a calendar and marking an “X” for the day when you have worked out and eaten clean can be fun to see the marks add up! Go to ashkickinfitclub.com for Ashley’s Weekly Workbook.

6 Mindset Tips for Weight Loss

Show Up

They key to achieving success is to just show up! Sure some of you are pretty fed up with diets but you no longer have to feel that way. I would love to work with you if you need extra support. TRUST THE PROCESS! The reason past diets have failed was because they were not sustainable for a lifetime but they also didn’t address the reason behind your weight gain! My programs are created with universal power, unconditional love, complete structure and support to make sure that you receive as much as you put into it. You didn’t get here overnight and lifelong change tastes time! You are on the right path, beautiful!

6 Mindset Tips for Weight Loss

Have Fun

Look at the meals, shakes, water and exercises as FUN!!! You could look at them with disgust, deprivation, shame that you even have to do them, or with inspiration and fun that you get to completely recreate who you want to be! If you resist the process, it means that you truly don’t love yourself, nor do you feel worthy or good enough to do it! YOU ARE WORTH IT! I can promise if you commit to loving and having fun during the process and keeping all your thoughts positive, you will be shocked at the outcome!

Stay Off The Scale

The scale only gives you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. It cannot show you how your body is creating lean muscle mass that will eventually burn off your body fat. It cannot give you a high five and let you know how hard you are working (even though I swear that’s what we are looking for). It cannot even tell you you are beautiful and worthy (yet for some f’ed up reason, we are searching for validation of our worth from a stupid number). Trust your jeans, trust the process and the weight will go!

Join a Support Group

When you join an accountability support group you will no longer feel alone as you can share your feelings and receive motivation from a coach and participants. Being a part of a group increases your likelihood of achieving your goals, benefits from collective wisdom, you can gain a new perspective, you receive great value for a fraction of that cost, members are invested in your success and it’s way more fun to do it with friends than by yourself right? Looking for a weight-loss group?

I have a Drop the Baby Weight group starting this November. Visit ashkickinfitclub.com for more information.

Ashley Marble

Ashley Marble is a Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist. She is an expert on helping women and moms regain their fitness levels, reclaim their confidence, and “heal their mummy tummy.” Her “Core Workshop” is her hottest program teaching women to retrain, flatten and strengthen their core after pregnancy.

Ashley’s passion and love for fitness, helping women improve their self-worth and confidence, combined with her gift for coaching, has led her to create simple, effective and fun online programs for women in all stages of life to achieve success.

Accomplishments: WSCH Channel 6 Health & Wellness Expert, Top 8 at Miss USA 2011, ESPN The Magazine Academic All American Basketball Player of the Year Divisions II, III & NAIA 2007, New England Basketball Hall of Fame, Little East Conference Hall of Fame, Southern Maine Hall of Fame

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