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Superfit Mom Jamie Eason Middleton - Motherhood, Post Baby Body & More!Just a few months after giving birth to your first baby, you made a huge announcement! You joined Labrada Nutrition and planned to launch the Jamie Eason Signature Series under their Lean Body® for Her supplement line. After many years of having not aligned with any particular supplement brand, why was this the right time for you and why was Labrada the right fit?

Labrada Nutrition was the very first company I ever worked an event for. At the time, I had a job working as a Technical Sales Trainer for a homebuilder. I actually asked Labrada for a job that year and was told that they didn’t really have anything for me. I wasn’t deterred though, because I was just falling in love with fitness and Lee Labrada and Keith Lessman, Sr. VP of Sales, both really encouraged me. Lee continued to be a friend and a mentor throughout my career, and as both my life and his company grew and evolved, we felt the time was right to finally work together.

With a desire to truly serve and help people in an industry that we love, our values are one and the same. Labrada Nutrition has an excellent reputation for quality products and a proven track record for helping millions of people reach their goals. Entering this new chapter of my life, there is no one I trust more to join together with than the Labrada team as I continue to pursue my goal to reach as many people as I can with a message of health and fitness.

The products of the Lean Body® for Her Jamie Eason Signature Series to be launched are a Whey Protein Isolate, Omega-3 Krill Oil and a Women’s Multi-Vitamin. Tell us more about what makes these products different from what’s in the marketplace today?

Our whey protein isolate is made from all-natural ingredients, is lactose-free and gluten-free. Although there are other natural proteins on the market, few can compete with the taste, plus it is low in sugar. Our krill oil is made from Real Antarctic Krill and is pure, potent and sustainably harvested. It contains astaxanthin, which is a highly potent antioxidant that helps with stability to naturally extend shelf life. The all-natural, food-based multi-vitamin contains a nourishing blend specifically formulated for women – iron because most women do not consume enough, folic acid and a veggie complex with a complete digestive support.

When will these products be available for purchase and where can they be purchased?
They should be in stores by late November and can be purchased at, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and on or

Do you have other products in the works?
We hope that this is just the first of a full series of natural products formulated for women. It truly is an exciting time for me, because I have a partner who really wants to cater to the female market. Plus, we really want feedback on what women need and want! Hopefully the sky’s the limit!

How can individuals find out more about your products?
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