End-stage Pregnancy

Water Retention, Baby Showers, & Staying Active

End-stage Pregnancy - Water Retention, Baby Showers, and Staying Active
Hello Fellow FitnessRx for Women Readers!

End-stage Pregnancy - Water Retention, Baby Showers, and Staying ActiveAnother week has gone by and I’m still here, and yep, you guessed it, still pregnant! I’ve had a pretty good week, but the extra weight and water retention is in full swing now and really starting to make a difference in my look and feel!

Water Retention and Baby Update

End-stage Pregnancy - Water Retention, Baby Showers, and Staying ActiveMy body/skin has always held a lot of water, and pregnancy has proved no exception. I feel fortunate to have had such an easy pregnancy with minimal discomfort, but now that I’m at the end, I understand when other women say they are ready to be done. I’m ready to meet this little guy, too!

End-stage Pregnancy - Water Retention, Baby Showers, and Staying ActiveI went to my midwife again today (weekly visits now) and she was surprised at the amount of water I was holding. My blood pressure is still in the optimal range though, so she wasn’t concerned. I decided to share a pic with you guys this week— sock lines after only 45 minutes of wearing socks! Yikes! Oh the joys of end-stage pregnancy! Some would compare it to after a competition if you cut your water. I say it’s worse! ;)

My belly has grown 2 centimeters since last week, and my midwife estimates Baby Boy Staggs to be just under seven pounds right now. Since I am 37 weeks and five days, he’s considered “term” and could be delivered with little to no worries any day now. I say bring it on! At the rate the average baby gains during the last month (an ounce a day), I’m hoping he makes his appearance soon. He is head down, and has dropped some, which has helped with shortness of breath. YAY. But this hasn’t helped with the number of trips to the bathroom!

Baby Shower and Finishing the Nursery

Tim and I attended a baby shower put on by my boss this past weekend. We received some lovely gifts from my coworkers, thus really completing our registry! We also got our stroller from my friends at an online fitness community that I’m an active part of. We feel very blessed indeed!

The night we came home from my boss’ shower, we immediately set to work putting the finishing touches in the nursery and organizing the last little bit of baby stuff. Now we literally just….wait!

Staying Active and Healthy

I’ve been staying active by incline walking or walking through the halls at my work. I actually had a sweet old guy at the gym come up to me and ask me if it was OK that I am “walking”… LOL! I’m sure he had the best of intentions, but walking and staying active is great for you during your pregnancy, unless told otherwise by your doctor/barring any complications. I’m trying to get in the last bit of activity while I can! I even attended a bachelorette get-together for my friend who is getting married this week. You’d be surprised at how many looks you get when you are a pregnant girl at the bar! I only stayed for dinner, though, and left the fun and wine to the other girls. :)

I’ve been drinking raspberry leaf tea, which is touted to be great for you during pregnancy, too. I love the flavor, and found this little bit of information online— and it’s not just for pregnancy, either. Click the link to read about other female reproductive benefits: http://www.stammnutrition.com/?p=275

Here is a picture of me today, 37 weeks and five days pregnant. Will I be around to write an article next week? Who knows! You will have to come back and see. Until next time!


Becca Staggs

Becca has lived in Southwest Michigan her entire life. At 32 years old, Becca currently works in Healthcare in the Information Technology field. She first began competing in 2009 and has had success at several local level and national shows. Becca resides with her husband Tim, and they are both personal trainers and wellness coaches— with Becca's continuing education being in Sports Nutrition.

Co-owner of Staggs Fitness since 2009, Becca enjoys helping clients from all walks of life reach their health goals. Tim and Becca are expecting their first baby in May of this year.

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