Playing the Waiting Game

Necessary Procedures & Frequent Flyer Miles

35 Weeks: Playing the Waiting Game
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As I approach week 36 of my pregnancy, there is a lot on my mind. You would think so much of pregnancy is spent waiting around, but you find you use the time to read things, acquire things, and take the necessary steps so that when the baby actually arrives, you’re ready to care for him and nothing else. At least, that’s how it felt for Tim and me up until the last couple days. Now we are finishing the last of our decision-making on little details that matter— things such as: are we going to vaccinate, and if so, following what protocol/schedule? What kinds of procedures are we going to have done on the baby and when? Who will be our pediatrician?

35 Weeks: Playing the Waiting GameTim has taken a very active role when it comes to these kinds of decisions. There is SO MUCH information and so many opinions out there, it’s easy to get Analysis Paralysis. I have left most of that up to him to find, and he comes back to me with the details for discussion. We have our birth plan and preferences all laid out and in writing now. My midwife and the nurses will get a copy of that when we go in to have the baby so we know what is off limits and what is not, barring any medical emergency that requires intervention.

So, all that said, when I went to see my midwife today, I asked her a barrage of these questions. I am so grateful to have a midwife who will listen to me and my concerns. Even though she has been practicing for 40 years and has probably heard it all, she never makes me feel rushed or like my questions are dumb. It was very important to Tim and me that we found someone who aligned and acknowledged our desires for a birth that’s as natural as possible, and also wasn’t one to push anything unnecessary on me or the baby once he’s born.

Moving Along!

I also learned that I am up a total of 24 pounds since my first prenatal visit, a one-pound gain since my last appointment two weeks ago. Looks like everything is moving along as well as can be expected. With five weeks left to go in my pregnancy, (hopefully!) I will probably come in at a weight gain of 30 pounds or just under, which is right where I hoped to be.

Frequent Flyer Miles

I’m feeling good, baby’s heartbeat is strong, and he’s kicking up a storm every chance he gets. With the exception of some rib pain, things are good. I’m still going to the gym a few days a week, and also starting to enjoy slightly warmer temps and have been taking my dogs on long walks in the morning. Walking at a good pace is now my favorite activity. When you get a belly on you, it’s doesn’t take much to get the heart rate up!

At my next visit I will have my Group B strep test done. It’s just a simple swab test done on the skin. It’s not very common, and even less common that it would be passed to baby during delivery, but you still don’t want to risk having a newborn come down with it because they don’t have the means to fight it off very well, and who wants to come home from the hospital with a sick baby?

At my next appointment, I will only be a few weeks from delivery and they will probably check me then to see how things are looking as far as dilation and whatnot. From that point on, I will be visiting the office weekly till the baby comes. This is what my midwife referred to today as “Frequent Flyer Miles” LOL.

The Waiting Game

So I guess now, it’s just a matter of the waiting game! Bags are packed, baby’s room is done, clothes are washed and hung— now we are just waiting for a little body to dress and cuddle!

As always, please feel free to leave a comment or ask me questions. I love hearing from you guys!

Have a great week!


Becca Staggs

Becca has lived in Southwest Michigan her entire life. At 32 years old, Becca currently works in Healthcare in the Information Technology field. She first began competing in 2009 and has had success at several local level and national shows. Becca resides with her husband Tim, and they are both personal trainers and wellness coaches— with Becca's continuing education being in Sports Nutrition.

Co-owner of Staggs Fitness since 2009, Becca enjoys helping clients from all walks of life reach their health goals. Tim and Becca are expecting their first baby in May of this year.

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