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Our October cover girl, Dianna Dahlgren, knows just what it takes to get a tight booty and toned legs. As a professional model and IFBB Bikini Pro, she works hard at sculpting her lower half in between shoots, appearances and competitions. So how does she train, deal with diet struggles, and stay motivated? Dianna shares some of her secrets here— but be sure to check out the October issue of FitnessRx for Women for a detailed lower body workout plan, along with diet advice and more, in Dianna’s feature “Look Great in Your Favorite Jeans!”

COVER MODEL INSIDER DIANNA DahlgrenLisa: How does it feel to be on the October cover of FitnessRx for Women?
Dianna: It feels amazing! It’s such a beautiful cover and the team at FitnessRx is amazing as well; I couldn’t of done it with out all of them!

Lisa: In this issue, you share your workout for looking great in jeans— a tight butt and leg-toning workout. What are some of your secrets for getting a tight booty and toned legs?
 First off nutrition— and lots of lunges! :)

Lisa: Why is the workout you share in this issue effective?
 So many girls like to keep secrets about what they do— I don’t! Please try out the workout I have in this issue because this is my exact routine that prepared me for the 2011 Olympia! It’s a fat-burning workout and shapes the glutes so that they are nice and perky!

Lisa: You were a gymnast for about nine years— is this where your love of fitness came from?
 Yes! Also, my mom used to take me to the gym with her growing up. I had to hang out in the day care and I hated it! I couldn’t wait to be old enough to work out with all the other people! My parents have influenced me greatly in terms of fitness.

Lisa: So did you watch the gymnastics portion of the Summer Olympics? Can you still do any cool moves?
 I watched a little bit and I can’t believe I used to do some of those exercises! I think if I tried (which I don’t want to) I could probably do a roundoff back handspring … Maybe LOL.

Lisa: How did you go from being a gymnast to a fitness model and competitor?
 I was modeling before my fitness career started. I was working with another model on a booking and she had just won the first ever Arnold Amateur Bikini contest. So I did some research and found out her trainer and started my first prep. That was in May 2009.

Lisa: Tell us a little more about your competition history. Are there any memorable moments that are particularly special to you?
 Yes! Of course, my first show ever, the NPC LA championships in 2009. My second show was the USAs, I placed fourth. That was a humbling experience. At my third show I earned my IFBB card at the NPC Team Universe. All of my Pro wins have been amazing and, of course, placing third at last year’s Bikini Olympia.

COVER MODEL INSIDER DIANNA DahlgrenLisa: For the last few years, you’ve been Ms. Supercross— tell us more about what that experience is like and how that came about.
 I have always been a SX fan! My brother raced while growing up so I’m very familiar with it. But the Ms. Supercross position came about because I was working at a Supercross race a couple years ago as a Monster Energy model, I met the Supercross director Dave Prater, told him I am amazing basically (LOL) and he should hire me next year… And he did, and now I’ll be three years running Ms. Supercross! Very blessed!

Lisa: What’s a challenge you have faced on your fitness journey, and how did you deal with it?
 Hands down, DIET. I used to hide this from the world but now I embrace it. I struggle with binge eating. Unfortunately, I created it when I first started dieting, always being hungry and always craving foods, then allowing myself to have a little and it turned into a lot. I get better with it as time goes by; it’s important to know what bad foods do to your body. A number of health concerns can be caused by eating disorders, so it’s most important to recognize it, grow with it and do all you can to control it.

Lisa: What’s your typical diet like, and how often do you have cheat meals? What are your favorite cheat foods?
 I always have a balanced breakfast! Five egg whites with one egg and oatmeal. I absolutely love the Quaker Weight Control oatmeal packets… Delish!  Then throughout the day, I have protein at each meal. The majority of my meals are proteins and fat. I do a carb cycle, so three days are fat days and one day will be high-carb day!

Cheat meal once every week! I keep it to sushi or a cheeseburger without the bun because I’m gluten intolerant! Then I have froyo after!

Lisa: How important is diet for achieving a tight booty and toned legs?

Dianna: Very important. I’ve tried being more lenient on my diet. It doesn’t work; nutrition is key!

COVER MODEL INSIDER DIANNA DahlgrenLisa: What supplements do you use?
 I love Dymatize Iso 100! That’s my favorite protein!  As far as daily vitamins, I always make sure to take digestive enzymes with my meals and a multivitamin with iron because I’m anemic.

Lisa: What advice do you have for women who want to get in shape like you?
 Set goals and stick with them. It’s not easy, but keep your eyes on the prize and it will happen! If you are hiring a trainer, check out I train with Damian Segovia! But there are some other trainers there as well, such as IFBB Figure Pro Felicia Romero and IFBB Fitness Pro Whitney Jones. The three of them own AZ Pro Physiques :)

Lisa: How do you stay motivated?

Dianna: I look at photos I like. Basically, I am always reminding myself what I can achieve and that day onstage! It’s so fun; I love it!

Lisa: Why do you enjoy fitness so much?
 It’s my ME TIME. I escape so many thoughts and worries when I train. It’s just me, LOL… that’s really the only way I can explain it!

Lisa: So what’s next for you?
 I’m headed to the 2012 Bikini Olympia and IM SO EXCITED! I’ll be there for GNC so if any of you are there at the expo, make sure to come over to the ladies prejudging Friday morning! Then I will be at the GNC Booth all day Saturday!

One more thing…  NEVER GIVE UP, LADIES!!!

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Lisa Steuer

Lisa Steuer is a journalist and freelance writer, and formerly the managing editor of FitnessRx for Women. Lisa is currently a Content Developer at Flexographic Technical Association.

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