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What Fabric Is Right For You?

Most women have been working out the past few months to get ready for the spring and summer. When we think of these seasons, a lot of us think about the warm weather and how less is more when it comes to clothing. In the past, cotton was the way to go for athletic apparel, but with time came new technologies… even for our clothing (now if they could only invent the shirt that gets you skinny by just wearing it!).

There are a lot of options out there, from 100 percent polyester to poly-blends (multiple fabrics spun into one), and even some that have metal elements. Below, I’ve picked my favorite two which make up about 90 percent of my workout wardrobe… my husband’s old T-shirts make up the rest :)

When Nike Dri-FIT, which has become the general term that we now call anything that “wicks” moisture, was first produced, it was 100 percent polyester and came from technology that was being used in Nike’s shoe lines. Fortunately, Nike has since then found new ways to produce the traditional fabric (the old stuff was hot and not so soft… who wants to wear a shoe… not cute) and has even started blending other materials together.

I personally like using their blend of cotton, spandex and polyester,which they still label Dri-FIT. These items usually feel soft from day one (and get softer with use), but still have the moisture-wicking properties that you want from your athletic apparel. The spandex is a nice touch because it keeps it form fitting.

Another personal pick comes from Lululemon, Silverescent fabric. Lululemon really put some thought into creating their fabrics that keep you not only sweat-free, but stink-free too!  This fabric uses silver-bonded yarn to prevent odor causing bacteria that keeps your clothes from smelling after a sweaty gym session and is also lightweight.

Some of Lululemon’s other lines incorporate Lycra, which has been around for half a century. Believe it or not, this blend (it’s always used with other fabrics) started the bikini that we know today! The apparel that has Lycra is form-fitting, wicks and is very comfortable.

So the next time you’re out shopping for gym wear, look at the tag to see what is going into your clothes.  Lycra, spandex, cotton and polyester are words to look for when making your selection.

Till next time, stay fly and dri :)

Shelsea Montes Sanchez

Shelsea Montes Sanchez is a salon owner in Dallas, Texas, one of the very first IFBB Bikini Pros (now retired) and a and Bombshell Sportswear sponsored athlete . She aspires to inspire women to be their best selves, stay motivated and gain inner and outer confidence.

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