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Week 8: Victoria’s Secret, Lululemon & New Balance

Hey there ladies, Coach Holly here! After many years in the gym, I’ve worn just about every brand of fitness clothing on the market. I remember when the only place to get clothes to wear to the gym was a sporting goods store— when yoga pants were called stirrup pants and we wore sweatpants and crop tops, not $98 leggings!

So trust me when I say that I have wasted a lot of time and money on the wrong clothes, and endured quite a few embarrassing moments squatting, deadlifting and sweating through transparent tights and tops. I’m here to help keep you from making the same mistakes I have, so I’m bringing you my reviews!! Be on the lookout for the good, the bad and the really, really sweaty— every week, in my “Gym Outfit of The Week” #GOOTW

Week 8: Victoria’s Secret, Lululemon & New Balance

Victoria’s Secret paired with some Lululemon!

Tights: Lululemon, Inspire Tight II, size 4
Tank Top: Victorias Secret, size S
Sports Bra: Lululemon, All Sport Bra, size 8
Kicks: New Balance

My Stats for sizing reference:
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 140-145
Measurements: 37/26/37
Size 4 in most workout pants
Size 26 in jeans
Size medium (6) in most tops


I was not impressed unfortunately. But it had more to do with the pattern. I love this style of tight from lulu but the pattern is not flattering at all. However, I think most people must feel differently bc most sizes, including the 4 are sold out already on the site.

I REALLY wanted to love these and have multiple pairs of the Inspire Tights, but I will think twice about a flowery, “curtain’ish” look next time LOL. On the plus side, the pattern is so busy, you didn’t see any sweat in the groin region at all! :)

CROP SIZING: These fit true to size. I am usually a 4 in most lulu tights, and always a size 2 in any others.


One of my favs! I love this tank. I have all of the colors. It’s a great fit, price, and they never shrink, pill or wear down.

TANK TOP SIZING: Size Small – and it fits perfectly.

TANK TOP SWEAT TEST: Shows alllllll of the sweat. Every. Single. Drop. In lighter colors especially. BUT, its all cotton so…it is what it is!


I love this sports bra! The straps are nice and wide, didn’t dig into my traps and shoulders, and I didn’t find that I have side spillage or breadloaf in the front! WIN! Its super supportive and I didn’t yank on the straps throughout the entire workout.

SIZING: Size 8 – and it fits perfectly.

SPORTS BRA SWEAT TEST: Shows all sweat in this color! Other colors do not show the sweat . Every. Single. Drop. In lighter colors especially. BUT, it’s all cotton so..

Where to Get These Pieces


Tank Top:

Sports Bra:*&gender=women&rcnt=0&cnt=117&color=LW2CBHS_024757

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