Gym Outfit Of The Week

Week 2: Lululemon, Nike Air Max 90

It was a very lululemon kind of day! I usually don’t find myself wearing all one brand, but today it all just flowed together nicely and it was 5:00 a.m. when I got dressed, so I went with what worked!

Tights: lululemon, Wunder Under Crop III
Sports Bra: All Sports Bra, III, online only. Worn in pink, photographed in a blue/green pattern.
Tank: lululemon, Next to Nothing Tank
Kicks: Nike Air Max 90
Headband: lululemon, Fringe Fighter

My Stats for sizing reference:
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 140-145
Measurements: 37/26/37
Size 4 in most workout pants
Size 26 in jeans
Size medium (6) in most tops

Gym Outfit Of The Week


Lululemon, Wunder Under, Size 2. I love these. Such a basic, soft cottony feel to them. I have never experienced any type of issue with Wunder Unders, although a lot of people have issues with piling. There is also an Align Pant in the same color right now.

SIZING: Size 2, down a size from the other pants I usually buy at lululemon. I always take a 2 in Wunder Unders because I feel like they do sort of “grow” throughout the day. Nothing terrible, I just like them tight.

SWEAT TEST: Awesome! Really hid sweat well! The color of the tights helped too. Darker colors obviously hide more and I’m a sweaty betty, so it definitely put my clothes to the test. I was happy with these! The pants move very well, but I do sort of yank on them a bit at the butt to pull them up.


Cottony, burn-out style. Very breezy with the open back. I really love this top. It’s like a basic tank in the front and then you turn around and WHOA, open back. It’s fun to pair with a patterned or colored sports bra.

SIZING: On point; I’m wearing my regular size 6.

SWEAT TEST: Obviously shows sweat and everything else due to the transparent fabric, but it doesn’t stick to you or get too gross. The great thing about this tank is that it’s very thin, so it dries fast!


I really find these straps comfortable to say the least! I have a bigger chest and my traps are on the bigger side as well, so I really look for bras that have straps that support but not dig in. This one definitely holds you in, but when I got my typical size 6, there was a little bit of side boob overflow. This was mostly because of the way the style is cut on the sides at the underarms, but I solved that by just sizing up.

SIZING: Size 8. I can wear a 6 or 8 depending on the style of the bra. Definitely more comfortable in an 8 though.

SWEAT TEST: Very absorbent and sweat-wicking. Didn’t even have to ring it out after the sauna.

Gym Outfit Of The Week

Where to Grab These Pieces

lululemon Tights: This exact pair isn’t sold right now, but here is a very similar color that I also have and love!

lululemon Sports Bra:

lululemon Tank:

This exact top isn’t sold right now, but here is a very similar style that I also wear a lot right now:

lululemon Headband:

Nike Gym Shoes:

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