Skincare In Your 40’s And Beyond

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You’re at the age your mom started counting backwards. Not you, though. You’ve got Grace on your side to keep you looking and feeling as youthful as ever…

Skincare In Your 40’s And Beyond

What’s important to remember in your 40’s and beyond is that your hormones and estrogen levels have begun to decline. For your skin, this means it’s becoming a little drier due to decreased oil production and collagen production slows dramatically, causing volume loss. Volume loss is a hugely common problem that most women and men don’t know how to handle and prevent. After the age of 30, your face loses 1cc of volume every year, meaning once you’ve hit 40 you’ve lost 10cc of volume solely from your face. To put that into perspective; 10cc = 2 teaspoons. There are a variety of options from simple product changes to invasive surgical procedures to help keep you looking youthful, but let’s start off with the easy-peasy, at home product use.

Skincare In Your 40’s And Beyond

By now, I’m sure there’s a beauty routine you’ve been perfecting over the years. Cleansing twice a day, no makeup to bed, sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. During the day, your skin is on full alert and defend mode while over night, after being cleansed, your skin begins the process of repairing and stimulating cell turnover. It does what it can to protect itself from free radical damage, but could always use a bit of assistance. A great antioxidant cleanser removes the rust of the day from your skin to help with problem areas of dry skin, fine lines, and freckling.

Skincare In Your 40’s And Beyond - Ole Henrickson Vitamin C Serum

Continuing from the 20’s and 30’s, a vitamin A product is great to keep in rotation to fight against fine lines. Vitamin C is a great addition to your routine to tighten, lighten, and brighten the overall appearance of the skin and can be found in a product like Ole Henrickson Vitamin C Serum. Those cute freckles the sun kissed you with in your younger years can turn into permanent sunspots, and vitamin C can help to begin to lighten and break them up.

Skincare In Your 40’s And Beyond

Eye creams are important at any age, but in your 40’s volume loss can cause hollowed under eyes or sagging, hooded lids. Most eye creams are made specifically for under the eye, but there are a few on the market light enough to be applied to the lid without weighing it down and causing more damage, like Revision DEJ Eye Cream. Eye cream will help with fine lines and signs of aging throughout the delicate skin around your eyes and help to keep it looking bright and fresh.

The right products used correctly can do so much for your skincare routine. In addition, treatments such as IPL photofacials, Ultherapy, fraxel, and injectables can help the upkeep of a natural and youthful appearance throughout the decades, but we’ll save that fun for a later date.

Charis Wipfler, APRN

Charis Wipfler, APRN, is the owner/operator of Grace Medical Aesthetics, practicing in both Connecticut and New York City. Her practice offers customized treatment plans for facial rejuvenation through wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, body contouring, medical grade skincare products, peels, laser treatments and whole-body cryotherapy. Charis received her APRN license from Sacred Heart University after serving 13 years as an emergency room nurse. She is one of the highest utilizers of Galderma products in Connecticut and is a regional trainer for the company. She is also a regional trainer for Dermasculpt cannula and Cosmopen Microneedling System for Cosmofrance, Inc.

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