3x Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw:

‘Nothing gets me as excited as winning.’

Classic Shawn

10 Questions With Shawn Ray

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1. Let’s get right to it …!!!

We are two months away from the Ms. Olympia this November in Orlando, Florida, and you’re a three-time defending champion. That said, share with us what if anything you’d be trying to improve, change or fix by showtime.

Andrea: To come in with the same fullness but sharper from the waist down.

2. You mentioned after your first victory that your goal before you retire is to ultimately break the record for Ms. O titles currently held by 10-time champion Iris Kyle. Should you win again this year, that would make it four titles in a row. Have you wavered on that thought process, knowing you’re not even halfway there yet?

Andrea: No. I still feel very passionate about competing, and I plan to continue as long as that passion burns within me.





3. One side note, many fans may not know that along with your Ms. Olympia titles, you’ve always seemed to compete more than once a year and are currently on an undefeated winning streak. Tell us how many shows in a row you’ve won and why do you think you’ve remained such a dominant study of consistency from your athletic competition perspective?

Andrea: I’ve won seven shows consecutively to date. I believe I’ve remained such a dominant study of consistency because of my commitment to finding ways to keep improving. It’s all about leveling up with each show.

4. What are some of the things that excite you as much as winning? You seem to enjoy all aspects of the sport yet remain laser-focused on your dieting and training.

Andrea: Nothing gets me as excited as winning, but I do get excited about good food, traveling to tropical destinations and seeing the joy from my clients as they reach their fitness goals.

5. Being the face of Women’s Bodybuilding has its advantages. What do you think you need to do to continue helping the sport grow?

Andrea: I think I must continue to be a resource for women entering the sport as well as those crossing over from other divisions.

6. As a woman who represents various companies while promoting and competing at the highest levels, do you think you will find time for a family or more specifically motherhood? Why or why not?

Andrea: Yes, I absolutely will find time for that. I look at motherhood as a means to leave a legacy in the world. This world needs as many good humans as possible and that’s what makes life enjoyable … the good people in it.

7. If you were not a bodybuilding star, what do you think you’d be doing and what do you see yourself doing in your post-competition career?

Andrea: I’d be educating and motivating others (as I have been for the last 15+ years) in health and wellness. I’ve already moved into being a show promoter, which I absolutely planned to do after retirement, but the timing was right to get that on the books now. I’d love to get into acting. I have imagined myself playing the role of a warrior, superhero, or a villain.

8. I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of traveling over the years. Where would you travel to relax and vacation if you could go anywhere in the world and why?

Andrea: Hawaii. It’s been a destination I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time. It is incredibly beautiful, and the fresh seafood will be a huge joy to indulge in. Beautiful scenery and fresh seafood!? … how could one not relax.

9. It looks like your partnership with your supplement sponsor, MUTANT, has been mutually beneficial. How has the introduction of their products affected your training and physique?

Andrea: It has been amazing being with MUTANT, and their recovery supplements are hands down, the best in the industry. It has helped me to take my recovery to the next level. I recover much faster, with significantly less soreness, which has allowed me to train even more intensely.

10. If you could have a fantasy posedown on the Ms. Olympia stage, what other four bodybuilders would you want up there with you, and what would the final placings be, from first through fifth?

Andrea: Lenda Murray, Iris Kyle, Alina Popa, and Dayana Cadeau. I’d have to leave the judging to the experts. LOL!

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