Movie Trailer and Dwayne Johnson’s Workout

One of the hottest new movies is “Rampage” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which is now in theatres nationwide. The movie is based on the popular 1986 video game Rampage from Midway Entertainment. The movie adaptation is about a primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson), who develops a bond with George, an extremely intelligent albino gorilla who he has raised since birth. Davis is a man who tends to shy away from people and sticks close to his work, but after an experiment goes terribly wrong, the gentle giant that George is becomes a monster!!! To make matters worse, George is not the only animal that is exposed to this experiment— others include a 30-foot wolf and a gigantic crocodile.

After George escapes, he makes his way across North America to downtown Chicago and he’s not the only animal that’s rampaging across the country. Can Davis stop his friend in time? What will be needed to stop these animals? Get a preview and check out the official trailer for “Rampage.”

The movie also stars Oscar-nominee Naomie Harris (Moonlight), Malin Akerman (TV’s “Billions”), Jake Lacy (TV’s “Girls”), Joe Manganiello (TV’s “True Blood”) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (TV’s “The Walking Dead”). The executive producers are Marcus Viscidi, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Jeff Fierson, with Wendy Jacobson co-producing. The movie is directed and produced by Brad Peyton. “Rampage” is also produced by Beau Flynn, John Rickard and Hiram Garcia.

My first thought after seeing the trailer is that “Rampage” reminds me of “Son of Kong” meets “Mighty Joe Young” with a bit of “Jurassic Park” thrown in for good measure. It has spectacular special effects, a strong cast and great locations. More so, it has the wonderful element from the video game Rampage. From the initial feedback of the movie’s trailers and movie posters, it looks like fans are excited to see the third collaborative efforts between Johnson’s Seven Bucks Entertainment/Flynn Picture Company and Wrigley Pictures. The movie is a New Line Cinema presentation and is being distributed by Warner Brothers films.

George Farah, nutrition guru of Johnson, gave FitnessRx for Men an exclusive look into Johnson’s training regimen. So, what does the Rock do to stay in such great shape to tackle on these genetically-enhanced titans? Take a look for yourself and check it out here.

Also, check out Ron Harris’ interview with George Farah that appeared on Muscular Development earlier this year and be on the lookout for my review of “Rampage.” From what we’ve seen, it looks like a good way to kick off the summer blockbuster season for 2018.

Special thanks to Ron Harris, George Farah and Warner Bros. Clip and Licensing Department for the content.


J.A. Giresi

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