The Busy Mom Workout

Turn your garage into a gym

The Busy Mom Workout - Turn your garage into a gym
Since I’m a busy mom, people often ask me how I find the time to work out. Well, I have created a great space in my garage and this has become my new “gym.” I have only the basic workout equipment, but with very few items, you can get in a no-excuse workout! All it takes is a few minutes out of your day, literally.

Some of my garage essentials are a pair of eight- to 10-pound dumbbells, some sort of box for step-ups, a jump rope and a yoga mat. With these four pieces of fitness equipment, I have made my workouts count! The best part is, you can bring your little workout partner along with you to be a part of your workout. There really are no excuses!

Check out one of my garage gym workouts below. If you have the drive and determination to get in some form of a workout, you can make it work anywhere and with limited space, time and equipment. So step into your garage and burn some calories!

3-minute jump rope
50 floor crunches
10 step-ups (each side)
3-minute jump rope
10 push-ups off dumbbells (Beginners can do them off the knees)
15 straight-leg deadlifts

Repeat …

Gina Aliotti

Gina Aliotti is a former IFBB Figure Pro, certified yoga instructor, health and fitness coach and owner of Gina Aliotti Fitness. Her passion is to inspire and motivate moms to get in the best shape with NO GYM necessary. Gina believes that we all have the same potential within us; it is a matter of what we do with that potential that makes all the difference. It is through her simplified approach to fitness that she helps to ignite that inner fire and help others tap into their ultimate potential. Find more of Gina on: Faceboook Gina's Website Instagram

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