At-Home ‘Booty Burn’ Workout

Ready for a lower-body workout that you can literally do anywhere in less than 10 minutes?

This at-home, booty and abs workout is so simple to do and is amazingly effective at getting you to sweat very fast. I use this when I travel on vacation, or for the very busy days when I only have 10 minutes to get my workout in. Yes, there are days when I literally train for 10 minutes per day and I still get my sweat on, and stay on the path to my fitness gains.

There are only two moves that you have to master with this lower-body workout and they are very simple to do.

OK, here we go!

How You Do It

• No equipment needed
• Start off with 30 seconds of the lower-body move (lateral curtsy lunge)
• No rest
• Follow that up with 1 minute of the core move (one-arm plank)
• No rest
• Jump up and hit the other leg with the lower-body move (lateral curtsy lunge)
• Finish with one more minute of the core move (one-arm plank)
Simply put, go 30 seconds fast with the lower body, then 1 minute slow with the core.

Simply put, go 30 seconds fast with the lower body, then 1 minute slow with the core.

The Moves

Lateral Curtsy Lunge

Keep one leg planted the entire time. Perform a lateral lunge and instead of bringing your leg back to where you started, take your leg behind you and perform a curtsy lunge. Repeat this for the entire time, making sure that you keep your chest upright and your “plant” leg has its knee straight. This is a double move for your leg, so your glutes will be on fire.

One-Arm Plank

This is a small tweak to the highly coveted front plank. When you do the plank with using just one arm, you force the unassisted side to work overtime to keep your hip stable. An easy way to make this easier is to spread your feet wide apart so that it’s easier to engage your glutes. I love the one-arm plank!

So, there you go! Keep this workout in your back pocket and never have to skip your workouts because of “being too busy.” You got this.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro, MS, CSCS

Strength and Conditioning Specialist Ben Boudro is the owner of Xceleration Sports in Auburn Hills, MI, an 8500 sq. ft facility that offers sports-specific training for youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes. . Prior to owning his own facility, Ben spent 2.5 years as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach at Michigan State University. A five-year member and team captain of the MSU Wrestling Team, Ben holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology specializing in Health Promotion, a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and holds Strength & Conditioning certifications with the NSCA and CSSCa.

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