The 100s Challenge Workout

Test your strength & endurance!

The 100s Challenge Workout - Test your strength & endurance!
I love a good challenge workout. I like to add these into the mix a few times a month at my gym and within my own training sessions. It really spices up the routine and gives some much-needed competition for yourself or with others.

I shared a Pyramid Challenge workout a while back, and today, I wanted to give you another option to push yourself and your routine.

Enter the 100s. This one is simple in its execution. Perform 100 repetitions of all the exercises listed. Simple? Yes. Easy? No!

Here are the rules

The 100s Challenge Workout - Test your strength & endurance!Perform 100 reps of each of the exercises listed.
Break up the repetitions any way you want (you should shoot for 15-25 per set).
Set up the circuit any way you like, but stick to that circuit for the entire session.
Push yourself, but don’t sacrifice form and technique.
Once the form breaks down, stop that set or lower the weight.
Perform the weighted exercises with 5-10 pounds less than your typical weight, due to the higher repetitions.

Here are the exercises

Kettlebell Swings
Walking Lunges (100 reps total, 50 per leg)
TRX or Ring Rows (if you don’t have a TRX, you can also set this up on a Smith Machine or barbell at waist height for an inverted row)
Medicine Ball Ab Twist (100 total, 50 per side) with feet up

Set a timer and record your final time of completion. Let me know how it goes for you.

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