Plan with a Purpose

Overcome your gym rut with a little preparation

Plan with a purpose
When getting started on a daily gym routine, it is easy to feel lost or inadequate. It is also easy to overcome those feelings! Planning with a purpose will help you overcome those ruts we all get stuck in here and there. All you need is some preparation to your gym plan! As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail!” When failure is not an option, we have nothing left but to PLAN!

In your PLAN, let’s include some food for thought:

WHY are you going to the gym? What improvements would you like to make? Tone up, lean out, develop more muscle, gain strength… whatever it may be, figure out WHY you are there, and create your GOAL.

WHAT can you do to IMPROVE where you are now? Say you are doing 30 minutes of cardio three days a week, you aren’t losing weight anymore and your body has plateaued. Try INCREASING to four days a week, or add in some HIIT training. Keep your body guessing; it is easy for our bodies to become immune to the same workout over and over!

RESEARCH and LEARN. Thank goodness we have the Internet nowadays, making it so easy for us to research! Whenever you are looking for some advice, tips or training programs, research online and find what FITS you the best. Find programs that CHALLENGE you! A higher intensity will initiate those fat-burning and weight-loss mechanisms.

PLAN ahead for the WEEK. This goes for DIET and TRAINING. Pick a day every week where you can WRITE your weekly GYM program, PREP your weekly meal plan, and set yourself up for SUCCESS!

ATTACK your WORKOUTS. Fire up that intensity in YOU! It is there in everyone, you just have to WANT it bad enough! Even when you don’t “feel” like going, ya go! Crazy as it seems, there’s never been a time I have regretted going to work out :)

STICK to the PLAN. There will always be doughnuts, cinnamon buns, and treats in our environments! The strength develops when you LEARN to turn these temptations down when it is sitting right in front of you. Is it easy? NO! Will it be worth it? Heck YES!!! As a co-worker approaches you and asks you to partake in the “sugary foods,” keep in mind… YOU will be wearing those doughnuts on your rear if you decide to always give in to peer pressure! If not, you will be on your way to that HOT bikini bod!

SEE RESULTS. Be patient! All good things take time! It is easy to get depressed when you aren’t seeing sudden changes… I PROMISE, if you can stick to the plan, stay strong and follow the steps above… YOU WILL GET THERE!

Plan with a purpose when setting out to change your habits to healthier ways! It is easy to become tired, frustrated, sad, etc. Just keep in mind, it takes a lot of BABY steps to achieve our OVERALL goal. Stick to the PLAN, never give up and never give in! Stay dedicated and determined and always remember, “the Skye’s the Limit!”

Skye Taylor

Skye is an IFBB Bikini Pro and is currently the spokesmodel/sponsored athlete of Champion Nutrition USA.

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