Building Glutes and Hamstrings

Two forms of stiff-leg deadlifts

Building Glutes and Hamstrings  - Two forms of stiff-leg deadlifts
Today we will talk about two forms of still-leg deadlifts that are highly effective in building your glutes and hamstrings when done with proper form.

Conventional deadlifts are a total body movement, primarily working your back. The stiff-leg deadlift movement is at your hip joint, focusing all your strength in your hamstrings and glutes. You can incorporate one of these forms of stiff-leg deadlifts into your hamstring day, then switch the following week to the opposite exercise. Make sure you perform your workout with correct form to get the desired results and improve your physique.

Straight-bar Stiff-leg Deadlifts

Building Glutes and Hamstrings - Two forms of stiff-leg deadlifts7 sets/20 reps (30-45 second rest period between sets)
• Keep feet flat
• Drive through heels
• Keep back straight
• Pivot only at hip joint
• Slight bend in knees
• Squeeze glutes and stand up
• As you lower bar, keep it close to legs, stopping slightly below knees, then squeeze back up
• Keep constant tension in glutes

Single-leg Romanian Deadlift

7 sets/20 reps (30-45 seconds in between sets)
• Stand with one foot flat on the floor and one foot hovering slightly above floor entire set right next to planted foot
• Holding dumbbell in hand, perform deadlift pivoting only at hip joint
• Slight bend in knee
• Keep back straight and abs tight
• Lower dumbbell just below knee, keeping glutes tight entire set
• Stand up pulling hips forward, keeping tension in glutes
• Complete entire reps with one leg then switch legs

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