1000 Push-Ups in 28 Days

Are you up for the challenge?

1000 Push-Ups in 28 Days - Are you up for the challenge?
I wanted to share something a little different in today’s article. This is a fun challenge that I did with my clients: The 1000 Push-Up Challenge. This is a simple (but not easy) challenge that’ll keep you pushing toward your goals, build your strength and give you an awesome sense of accomplishment.

Your goal is to do 1000 push-ups during the month of February. Start this February 1st and give yourself until February 28th (counting that day). If you do an average of 36 push-ups each day, you will hit 1000.

How To Do It

• Keep a journal or a note on your phone and record the number of daily push-ups you complete.
• Some days, you may go over or complete fewer than 36.
• Break up the push-ups through out the day, if needed.
• Break them up during your training session as well. Sets of 5,8 or 10 add up quickly, so don’t feel that you have to get them all done in a row.
• If you can do them all on your toes, definitely push yourself to do that.
• If you have to do some on the knees and some on the toes, that’s completely okay.
• If you do them all on your knees, that’s great too. Just be sure to get your body into a full range of motion.

Notes and Tips

• Check out my article, “How To Rock At Push-ups.”
• Focus on perfect, strict form for every repetition.
• Just because you are doing a lot of repetitions does not mean you can slack on the technique.
• Be sure to stretch your pecs and shoulders out before and after each session. This is a high volume challenge, and you don’t want to get too stiff.
• Continue your regular training at the gym, but make the upper body workouts more pulling focused to balance out the pushing work you will be doing all month. For example: pull-ups, TRX rows, dumbbell rows, face pulls, band pull aparts.
• Do this challenge with a friend to keep you accountable.
• Have fun!

Are you up for the challenge? Post a comment below if you are on the quest for 1000 in February!

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Callie Durbrow

Callie Durbrow is the owner of Durbrow Performance Training and the author of Strong and Sexy in 25 Minutes.

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