11 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fitness

Stay Motivated and Overcome Plateaus

Whether you’ve reached a plateau or just need a change to your fitness routine, it always feels good to freshen things up! Little changes can keep you motivated, keep you from getting bored and could even help you reach your goals faster. To keep you inspired to continue living the fit life, try out these 11 tips:

11 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fitness - Stay Motivated and Overcome Plateaus

Set a Realistic Schedule

If you’re just getting back to a workout routine, don’t load yourself with two-hour workouts, six days a week. You’ll only find yourself getting frustrated and will be more likely to give up. Start with three to four days of 30 to 45 minutes and build from there.

Get Some New Fitness Apparel

Most running shoes last somewhere between 300 and 400 miles or six months— whichever comes first. Go to a running specialty store to get fitted and have them assess your gait to find the best shoe for your feet. And treat yourself to some new workout clothes— having a cute new outfit to work out in can be an extra motivator to hit the gym. Check out my new clothing line at www.nicolewilkins.com.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Throw away any foods that are low in nutritional value, or anything still left over from the holidays and Valentine’s Day. Replace them with fresh fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

Update Your Playlist

Download a fresh workout playlist to get you going. New music always helps kick up the intensity of your workouts.

My Current Playlist:
David Guetta: “Dangerous”
Calvin Harris: “Outside”
Nick Jonas: “Jealous”
Usher: “I Don’t Mind”
Pitbull: “Time of Our Lives”

Try a New Workout

Sometimes, it helps to switch things up a little if you want to see results, and it’s also good mentally to do workouts that are a little different from your normal routine so that it doesn’t get mundane and boring. If you don’t already do yoga or Pilates, give them a try. They are great for staying flexible and could help you perform better in your other workouts.


Stretching is the best way to prevent injury, and people often don’t stretch enough. Commit to at least three times a week for 10 minutes after your workout and you will have a noticeable reduction in stress and muscle soreness.

Make An Effort to Drink More Water

Many of us don’t drink nearly as much water as we should, and it’s really important to stay hydrated in order to prevent muscle cramping and energy slumps. Aim for about three liters of water a day, and drink up after a vigorous workout to replace the fluids you lost while sweating.

Shop at Local Farmers Market

As the weather is getting warmer, most Farmers Markets are opening up again. Support your local farmers by shopping for fresh fruits, veggies, salsa, nuts and more. To find a Farmers Market near you, visit http://search.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/.

Measure Your Progress

Avoid the scale and instead use a measuring tape to get a more accurate read of your progress. Measure your waist, hips and other target areas every two weeks and take progress pictures. This, in addition to being aware of how your clothes feel, is often more telling than the number on the scale.

Have a Specific Goal

Sign up for a race with a training partner. This gives purpose and a real actual goal to work toward to keep you on track. Local 5K races are perfect for beginners.

Reward Yourself

After you’ve completed your goal, treat yourself to a massage. Not only does it feel great, but it will also help alleviate toxins and speed up muscle recovery.

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