Perfecting the Glutes

Training and nutrition to build and tone

Perfecting the Glutes -Training and nutrition to build and tone
I typically love training legs heavy— which, to me, is the only way to create a beautiful shelf and roundness to the glutes. However, some underestimate the power of plyos. I typically train glutes in the beginning of the week and incorporate a lighter, functional leg day, aka leg shaping. This is where I incorporate my plyometrics for my lower half.

When I first started my journey, I genetically had a big derrière. Well, I wasn’t quite happy with it and wanted a perkier, round, full backend. I get asked a lot what I do for glutes, how to fix the number one genetically stubborn muscle in women, and how to train. Well, I always start off by saying DIET, then training. We destroy your genetics (in a good way) when combining the two. Here’s how:


Perfecting the Glutes -Training and nutrition to build and toneI believe you have to build the glute and tone it at the same time to achieve your goal of a beautiful derrière. I incorporate a heavy leg day, and toward the end of the week I will do a lighter leg day mixed with plyometric work.


*Remember, I’m only sharing the weight that I do to give you an idea of the intensity at which I train, NOT to suggest you try it! GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. This routine has supersets with some lighter weights to really fatigue the muscles.

Seated leg curl (warm-up with 60 lbs just until pumped) 3 sets of 10 at 85 lbs

Superset barbell step-ups with single-leg barbell deadlifts – 15 step-ups followed by 10 deadlifts on each side, perform 3 sets

Deep Smith machine squats (shoulder-width), 50 lbs – 3 sets of 15 reps

Perfecting the Glutes -Training and nutrition to build and toneSmith Machine glute raises on bench, 50 lbs – 3 sets of 15 reps (perform ab crunches during rest)

Superset leg extension with walking lunges – 55 lbs on extensions and 40 lbs barbell for walking lunges, perform 10 reps on extension and then 10 lunges down the floor and 10 back (3 sets)

Calf raises on leg press machine – 3 sets of 12 at 110 lbs


I usually take myself to the track and hit it hard! I love this day— it’s just me against the track.

Jog 2 laps

10 x 10 100 meter sprints. After each sprint walking lunge back.

Perfecting the Glutes -Training and nutrition to build and tone2 x 200 meter skip jumps (exaggerated skip)

1x jump squat football field— that’s right, END ZONE to END ZONE!

Jog 1 lap and end with this circuit


Jump squats

Speed skaters

Side-to-side squat

Jump lunges

Lateral hops

2-3 sets x 30 reps

Jog 1 lap cool-down and stretch!

On glute day, I typically eat in the higher range for calories. Seeing that it is the largest muscle group in our body, common sense says to feed it. Here is an example of my glute day nutrition plan. *(Note- I’m 5’2 and 108 lbs. This plan is what works for me. If you’re a bit taller, you may need to increase calories. If you’re shorter, then reduce. Also, change according to weight loss or gain goals). I will consume my meals and calories on my training. For example, I eat in the 15-1,800 calorie range on legs/glutes, back, and shoulder days (I’m always trying to grow shoulder/upper-body so eat to grow.) Below is a sample nutrition staple along with my supplementation staple I follow for glutes.


Meal 1 (pre- wkout) Meal 2 (post wk-out) Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Meal 6
3/4 c oatmeal
½ c MuscleEgg Plain organic egg whites
1 whole egg
1/2 c blueberries
1 Scoop Isonatural whey protein
1/2 medium banana
2 rice cakes
1 tbsp almond butter
4-5 oz chicken
3/4 c brown rice
1 c asparagus
½ tbsp. coconut oil
4 oz 99% FF turkey
2 corn tortillas w/salsa
side salad w/ low calorie dressing
5-6 oz cod or orange roughy
4 oz yam w/ Large salad
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
1/4 avocado
1 cup MuslcleEgg Vanilla egg whites or 1 scoop whey
1 tbsp almond butter
Allmax Nutrition BCAA, glutamine, VitaFemme Multi-vitamin pack, CLA, digestive enzymes, vitamin C
Supplementation Allmax Nutrition BCAA, glutamine, Aminocore (intra wk-out) Supplementation Allmax digestive enzymes, CLA 95, omegas, vitamin C Supplementation Allmax digestive enzymes Supplementation Allmax Nutrition, CLA 95, omegas, digestives enzymes, vitamin C Supplementation Allmax BCAA, glutamine (before bed)
Tiffany Boydston

Tiffany Boydston is an IFBB Bikini Pro and sponsored ALLMAX Athlete ! She’s also an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Certified Trainer, Tapout Personal Trainer, certified nutrition specialist, and the Fitness Manager at David Barton Gym in Las Vegas.

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