Make Your Gym Routine Stick

4 Tips To Make Fitness Part of Your Lifestyle

Everyday I hear people say they are going to get back to the gym, and everyday I see them stop. It makes me sad because I don’t think it’s the actual work once they are there that stops them from continuing on (I think they enjoy the workout!). I believe it’s actually GETTING to the gym that is the issue; they never gave themselves enough time to allow it to become part of their daily routine.

As a former athlete & IFBB Bikini pro, people at times will tell me they are inspired by me and what I do. Honestly…I’m not all that impressed with what I do. Going to the gym and working out or going to a practice is literally what I have done my whole life. Good or bad, I don’t know any better. It’s part of my lifestyle, it’s become ingrained in my mode-of-operation, if I’m NOT going to the gym then something feels wrong.

I am always WAY more impressed by those who did not grow up playing sports or being active; they grew up quite the opposite. Maybe they lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle before something snapped, and they said not any more! Then they take it upon themselves to literally change their LIFESTYLE, the way they have operated their entire lives, and just CHANGE it. THAT impresses me more than probably anything that I have ever done, and I have nothing but respect for it.

The “why” for all these people as to what made them successful may vary slightly, but big picture is simply that they made it part of their LIFESTYLE and daily routines. So if you are at a spot in your fitness routine where you are being tempted to stop, or maybe you haven’t even started yet, here are the 4 things that I urge you do to make your gym routine STICK.

Make Your Gym Routine Stick

1. Pick a time in your day that works best for YOU to CONSISTENTLY go to the gym. Don’t worry about all the “this is the best time to train” theories; just pick a time in your day that you know works for YOU and your schedule.

2. GO…just go to the gym, even if you are a little tired or not interested in working out that day. GO, and this may be the only time I say this, but go through the motions of your daily routine. If that means you get home from work, eat, and go to the gym…DO IT. It’s not so much about that day’s workout but rather training your mind to realize this is your new routine and lifestyle. Remember, we want this to become a routine for LIFE for you, not something that you just tried once.

3. When you get to the gym, especially if you are new, don’t worry about killing every workout, or PR-ing every exercise. You will over do it and NOT want to go back the next day. Instead, take your time, go inside, do a 5 minute warm-up and stretch, put on a playlist you like, then start your workout. Have a routine once in the gym and don’t skip it!

4. Try to make your scheduled gym days as much as possible! The more times you go through this routine, the better chance you will have at making your routine STICK. Remember fitness is not about perfection, it’s about consistency over time. Therefore, the LONGER you can keep going to the gym, the better position you will be in to make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle, even if it has never been before.

Callie Bundy

Callie Bundy is an IFBB Bikini Pro & StrongGirl Ambassador. She has a passion for sports and training, she played 3 sports in high school & NCAA Division 1 softball in college. She has previously worked as both a TV and Radio Host for a variety of programs.

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