Two At-Home Workouts

For When You Can’t Get to the Gym

In a rush, and can’t make the gym? We’ve all been there, and it’s frustrating to skip a workout! For those days when you just need a fast, efficient workout, I’ve written two awesome circuits that you can do from home any time! Make sure to push yourself, keep your heart rate up, and get in all the sets!

Two At-Home Workouts

Leg/Booty Circuit (stairs and dumbbells required)

Run up a full flight of stairs skipping steps and holding dumbbells
20 wide squats holding dumbbells
Run downstairs
20 narrow squats holding dumbbells
Run upstairs skipping steps
15 wide jumps holding dumbbells
Run downstairs
15 narrow jumps holding dumbbells
Run upstairs skipping steps
20 glute kickbacks with dumbbell in knee (on all fours!)
Run downstairs
20 lateral glute raises each leg with dumbbell in knee (on all fours!)

Repeat 4 rounds, taking rest only as needed!

Two At-Home Workouts

Full-Body Circuit (stairs, dumbbells, bands required)

Run upstairs holding dumbbells and skipping steps
15-20 push-ups
20 wide dumbbell squats
Run downstairs
20 shoulder presses (dumbbell or band)
20 narrow dumbbell squats
20 bicep curls (dumbbell or band)
Run upstairs (holding dumbbells and skipping steps)
20 rows for back (dumbbells or band)
15 wide jump squats (holding dumbbells)
20 triceps kickbacks (dumbbells or band)
Run downstairs
15 narrow jump squats (holding dumbbells)
20 sit-ups (may add dumbbell)
1-minute plank

Repeat 4 rounds, taking rest only as needed!

I promise you can get in an amazing, EFFECTIVE fat-burning workout without having to go to the gym! Feel free to message me at if you have any questions, or leave me a comment on Facebook or Instagram! You can also access my new training and diet e-books at! Until next time, have a great rest of your week!

Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley Kaltwasser is the three-time Bikini Olympia Champion and two-time Bikini International Champion. She is a Team Gaspari, Better Bodies and MuscleEgg athlete, sponsored by Liquid Sun Rayz & a former collegiate track athlete. Ashley believes that serious fitness doesn’t have to be boring. In her “Keep it Fresh” column, she share ways to keep your training and nutrition fun and flavorful.

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