Tips To Achieving A Smaller, Tighter Waist

Best Foods and Exercises

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve definitely noticed the recent trend of “waist trainers.” I’m here to give you my opinion on these, as well as other tips to achieving your tiniest waist yet! However, let me preface by saying that having a strong core is extremely beneficial to your health, and can minimize risk of injury in daily functional or strenuous movements. This article is only for those looking to decrease the size of their waist, and some core strength as a result.

First, and most importantly, a healthy diet is going to be the biggest factor to attaining a smaller waist! Go for food that is from whole sources, free of hormones and pesticides, and minimally processed. Limit your intake of bloating foods such as gum, artificial sweeteners, bread and alcohol. Below, I’ve listed a basic grocery list to keep in your fridge at all times:

Tips To Achieving A Smaller, Tighter Waist

• Fresh or frozen veggies (broccoli, kale, cucumber, and asparagus)
• Potatoes (white and sweet potato)
Rice (white and brown)
Olive oil, flax oil, and coconut oil
• Fruits in moderation (bananas, oranges, grapefruit, prunes)
• Organic, lean protein such as egg whites, beef, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, and low-sugar Greek yogurt
• Raw nuts or organic, plain nut butter

Secondly, I actually do recommend wearing a weight belt when exercising, but also making sure to perform concentrated abdominal exercises as well. I suggest keeping your core strong in the sagittal plane only with the following exercises:

• Crunch abdominal machine
• Reverse crunches
• Leg lifts

Tips To Achieving A Smaller, Tighter Waist

Thirdly, I’ve found that keeping a healthy digestive system will keep you from bloating and also keep the tummy small by keeping things moving along— I use probiotics to help keep things regular.

Lastly, I recommend being very meticulous with which core exercises and machines you choose at the gym! A common misconception is that training your waist muscles will make them shrink. On the contrary, the more you train your abs using lateral movements, the WIDER your waist may become! Everyone is different, but below, I’ve listed certain exercises you may want REFRAIN from doing at the gym or at home!

Side bends
• Oblique twists
• Reverses crunches to the side
• Any twisting movements or machines at the gym
Side plank or dips
Bicycle crunch
• Leg lifts to the Side

Let me know if you have any questions about this article! Feel free to leave me a comment on Facebook or Instagram, or my email at If you haven’t checked out my website yet, I post new content every week! Have a great rest of your day. Hope to hear from you!

Ashley Kaltwasser

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