9 Tips to Tighten Up

Looking Your Best for a Special Event

Do you have trip planned by the pool with some friends who you haven’t seen in a while? Do you have a party next week and want to fit into your favorite cocktail dress? Or do you just want to look your best on your wedding day? I have compiled a few helpful tips that you can do to tighten up just a little bit more for your special day.

9 Tips to Tighten Up - Looking Your Best for a Special Event

1. Take a fat burner (I use Gaspari Nutrition Detonate XT) or a shot of espresso upon waking. This will help jumpstart your energy levels to get you moving for the day!

2. Go for a walk either by yourself or with a friend first thing in the morning to boost your metabolism and get the day started off right.

3. Try to limit salt and condiments in any of your meals. Most food already has natural sodium, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re not getting enough (note— this is only temporary for your preparation for an event).

4. Reduce your portion sizes, and even your carbohydrates. Many of us don’t even realize how easy it is to overeat, especially carbohydrates. It takes around 15 minutes to feel satisfied after eating, so I recommend drinking a lot of water with your small meal to curb your hunger.

5. Opt for flavored stevia instead of sugar. This will help satisfy your sweet tooth without elevating your blood sugar levels.

9 Tips to Tighten Up - Looking Your Best for a Special Event

6. Add a green veggie to the majority of your meals to keep you feel fuller for longer. Vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, green beans and kale are great for filling you up without a lot of calories!

7. Opt for balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, or salsa instead of vinaigrettes or creamy dressings on your salads. Most dressings have an outrageous amount of calories, so switching those out will make a big difference! An even better choice would be to ask for oil and vinegar on the side. Use mostly vinegar with minimal oil.

8. Opt for a water with lemon when out with friends. Alcoholic beverages range from 80 calories to 500 depending on the drink, so try setting a weekly limit on the number of drinks you have. The fewer drinks, the more results you’ll see!

9. Stay hydrated and drink a good amount of water at the end of the day to aid with digestion, water retention and removal of toxins. You should wake up feeling and looking lighter, tighter and you’ll feel better, too!

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Ashley Kaltwasser

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