8 Reasons The Scale Hasn’t Changed

How to Re-evaluate Your Fitness

Your alarm clock goes off. You run to the bathroom, jump on the scale, and….WHAT?! You’re the same weight as yesterday? But how could this be? You worked out and ate healthy this past week. Why isn’t the scale dropping?

I’ve compiled a list of many questions you should ask yourself to get to the bottom of it.

8 Reasons The Scale Hasn’t Changed

If your weight’s not dropping, are you getting “tighter” or “leaner” in the mirror?

If so, this should be an indication that you’re building healthy lean muscle mass, and burning fat effectively. Try not to worry about the number on the scale in this case!

Are you counting your calories or macros?

Inconsistencies in your calorie intake can definitely make a difference in effective weight loss. It’s very easy to accidentally eat a few more ounces of carbs, protein or fat if your meals aren’t measured out with a food scale or measuring cups. Cooking and measuring too much of an inconvenience? I highly recommend hiring a food prep service to cook, measure and pre-package all of your meals so you can stay on track without any guesswork! I use FuelMeals.com. If you’d like to try it, I have a coupon code if you would like to save a few bucks too! Enter in “AshleyKfit” to save 10 percent on your order.

Do you push yourself at the gym?

Going to the gym is easy. Pushing yourself past your limits is difficult! In order for your body to change, you must challenge the system in a way that forces it to adapt to a new stress placed upon it. Try changing the amount of sets, reps, exercises or piece of cardio equipment. When you feel yourself getting tired or sore, push past the discomfort, and maybe you’ll start seeing more of a difference.

8 Reasons The Scale Hasn’t Changed

Are you drinking an adequate amount of water consistently every day?

How much we drink definitely impacts our weight since our bodies are mostly made up of water. Make sure you’re drinking enough water each day to flush out toxins and aid with digestion and elimination. Personally, I like to aim for a gallon a day. Your individual needs may be different, however.

Are you being excessive with your sodium intake, artificial sweeteners, gum or carbonated beverages?

Excessive amounts of these can sometimes make our bodies retain water, so try avoiding adding salt, condiments, or sweeteners if you’re sensitive to these. Pay attention if you feel or look bloated after consuming any of these. Everybody is different and will react differently to these substances.

Do you have food allergies you’re unaware of?

Many people are unaware they have a food allergy to nuts, gluten, dairy, sulfites and many other foods. Get checked by your doctor just to be sure. Eliminating foods that make you allergic should make a difference in weight loss.

8 Reasons The Scale Hasn’t Changed

Are you getting enough sleep?

Lack of sleep can increase our stress levels, making our bodies hold onto body fat. Listen to your your body, and make sure you’re getting enough sleep to feel energized during the day! The lower your stress levels, the easier it is for your body to drop the weight.

What about hormones?

Is it that time of month? Our hormones change day by day, especially for us women. Obviously this is beyond our control and sometimes you’ve just got to accept it. But don’t give up hope! Keep consistent with your healthy habits and the bloating and water retention will pass.

For any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment on Facebook or Instagram. Wishing you a productive and successful week!

Ashley Kaltwasser

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