7 Tips for Awesome Abdominals

Achieve a Tight Midsection

We have all heard that “abs are made in the kitchen,” right? This is absolutely accurate. Diet plays a major role in revealing the definition in the abs. But, if there isn’t solid muscle underneath that layer of fat, there won’t be much to show for it.

Abs come in all shapes. Genetics play a big role as to what your abs look like. Some are wide, some are narrow. Some abs are symmetrical while others are “crooked.” These traits cannot be changed. But, you can work with what ya got! Some individuals may find that they genetically have a little extra flesh in the middle, but they shouldn’t lose hope! They will just have to work a little harder. Hey, we all have our weak points!

I try to work my abs twice a week. Abs can be trained in a short amount of time if you work them out efficiently. There are many bodyweight exercises that can be done almost everywhere that can engage the core effectively.

Some Of My Ttips For A Tighter Core Are

7 Tips for Awesome Abdominals - Achieve a Tight Midsection

Muscle and mind connection. THINK of the muscles that you are engaging; don’t just go through the motions.

Don’t be afraid to train abs heavy! To build those muscles, you need to lift heavy every so often. This will add some size on to the abs so that they press against the skin. Doing things like sit-ups will not increase the size of your abs because there is little resistance being used. Try exercises such as cable crunches and leg raises with weight!

Add weight to the standard ab exercises. Keep in mind that those traditional ab exercises such as regular/reverse crunches, v-ups, bicycles and even planks can be taken a step further by adding either plates or ankle weights to your usual regimen. For some movements, you can even try using a resistance band.

7 Tips for Awesome Abdominals - Achieve a Tight Midsection

Give your abs enough time to recover. Like any other exercise, be sure that you are giving them the rest they need after training them. For example, I train my abs on Monday and again on Thursday. I don’t do back-to-back ab sessions to be sure that they have fully recovered. Remember, your muscles grow while resting!

Don’t forget about those lower abs! Lower abs can be harder to target and are often forgotten about. Try movements such as reverse crunches, hanging leg raises, Roman chair, etc.

7 Tips for Awesome Abdominals - Achieve a Tight Midsection

Add HIIT training for extra calorie burning. Why not end your ab training session with a HIIT fat blast to speed up the process of revealing those beautiful abs?

Diet, diet, diet! At the end of the day, to lose fat one must burn more calories than are taken in. Make sure to drink plenty of water, too!

Try My Awesome Abdominal Workout

Hold a 90-degree “L” on the Roman Chair: 1 minute
30 reverse crunches, using ankle weights
20 (each side) Roman twists, using ankle weights
1-minute flutter kicks on Roman Chair
10 V-hold-ups using ankle weights and/or small plate

Repeat x 3



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