6 Tips to Get Visible Abs

Must-do Workout and Diet Tricks

Happy New Year! I hope you’re excited for a new chapter in 2017.

Today, I want to focus on one of my favorite topics: HOW TO GET VISIBLE ABS! Every day, I get questions on how to attain more defined, long, lean, non-blocky abs. I’ve compiled a list of my top six tips I’d love to share with you!

6 Tips to Get Visible Abs

Tip #1: Train your abs as you would any other body part

If you wouldn’t go a week without training legs, why would you skip abs? I definitely recommend training them at least twice a week, two to three exercises, four to five sets each!

Tip #2: Mix and match your ab workout

Do this with the following exercises:

1. Reverse incline bench
2. Ab machine
3. Rope cable crunches (knees on the floor)
4. Decline bench crunch
5. Leg lifts on standing chair

6 Tips to Get Visible Abs

Tip #3: Use FULL range of motion

You want a long lean stomach, not short, blocky muscles. Make sure you stretch/extend your torso ALL the way so as to fire all of your muscle fibers on the contraction!

Tip #4: Focus on the mind-to-muscle connection

Ask yourself, “Where am I feeling this most?” It’s very easy for other muscles of the body to assist in the crunch, especially the hip flexors. Make sure you’re feeling the BURN from the top of your rectus abdominals all the way to your lower abs!

6 Tips to Get Visible Abs

Tip #5: Blow all the air out of your stomach on every rep

If it hurts like crazy, you’re doing it right! I even recommend holding the contraction for three to five seconds just to make sure you’re really engaging every muscle!

Tip #6: Drink plenty of water, and minimize any foods that might bloat you

This includes sugar, artificial sweeteners, soda, gum, excess sodium or condiments, and alcohol (note that everyone’s food sensitivities are different). If you have a hard time cutting any one or a number of these, set small goals every day or week until it gets easier. Once you start seeing changes, I promise all of those things will be less appealing.

Remember, folks, as the saying goes, “abs are made in the kitchen.” So at the end of the day, if you are not practicing healthy nutritional habits, you won’t be able to see those beautiful ab muscles.
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