6 Tips for Staying Hydrated

Helpful Ways to Increase Water Intake

Everyone’s recommended water intake varies, and some of us require more H2O than others. Water intake depends on factors such as activity level, the amount that you perspire, body make-up etc. I like to drink at least a gallon of water per day, but I usually drink more than that. For me, drinking enough water hasn’t really been a problem. But, for some individuals, getting in enough water can be a struggle.

Having trouble guzzling down the H2O? Try these helpful tips!

6 Tips for Staying Hydrated - Helpful Ways to Increase Water Intake

1. Always keep water handy. Keep some bottles in you car, gym bag, purse, by your computer and bedside. You can also place them in areas in your house that you pass by often— this will be a good reminder.

2. Flavor your water. They make many different water-flavoring products these days. My favorite has always been Crystal Light Appletini! Another good option would be to flavor your water with amino acids. I like to use Gaspari Nutrition Aminolast. You can also try herbal tea, or even sliced fruit inside of your bottle.


3. Decorate your bottle/jug. Make it fun and exciting! Use stickers, Sharpies or even ribbon. You will be reminded every time you look at your flashy bottle. Don’t forget to refill when finished!

6 Tips for Staying Hydrated - Helpful Ways to Increase Water Intake

4. Try drinking from a gallon. From personal experience, drinking from an actual gallon is much easier. The water seems to flow more smoothly and I don’t have to constantly refill it. I actually ordered a refillable BPA gallon jug from JustDrank.com and I love it!

5. Try straws. If gallons aren’t your thing, stick to sipping! Everyone is different. Try a crazy straw and keep it fun!

6 Tips for Staying Hydrated - Helpful Ways to Increase Water Intake

6. Make a habit of sipping between activities. Drink a bottle while your coffee is brewing, before each meal, while you run your bath water, etc.

Remember, H2O helps regulate the body’s fluid balance. This aids in transporting nutrients through your body and digesting food, among other things. You could be slightly dehydrated without even knowing it.


Ashley Kaltwasser

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