Savory Sweet Potato Pancakes

Bonus, Gluten FREE!

Pancakes are something I could literally eat for breakfast lunch and dinner erry day! So as this obsession of mine has continued I’ve become quite creative with variations but this would by far have to be my savory favorite and once again like the theme you see in most of my recipes SUPER EASY & bonus GLUTEN FREE!

Savory Sweet Potato Pancakes


Pancake mix
1/2 cup egg whites
1 cup sweet potato purée
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
2 tbs coconut flour
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt
Pinch of Black Pepper
Pinch of baking powder
1/4 cup of freshly chopped Dill
1/4 cup freshly chopped Chives

4 Brussel sprouts quartered
4 mushrooms sliced
1/4 cup sliced almonds
4 chicken tenders poached and shredded
2-3 tbs of your Fav hot sauce
2 tbs tahini mixed with 2 tbs of water.

Savory Sweet Potato Pancakes

Pancake Batter
• start with the sweet potato purée. You can buy this pre puréed or do it yourself, I like to do it myself because it’s simple but either works. If DYI it’s as simple as boiling the sweet potato pieces in water until soft, draining and blending in your bullet /blender
• To the bullet/ blender add all the ingredients for the pancake mix minus the dill and chives and blend.
• Take half of the dill and chives and add to the mix but only stir through.
• Set aside.

While that is resting, this is where you prepare your toppings for these glorious pancakes. Remember you can have WHATEVER YOU LIKE on them, I went with the poached chicken option but your options are endless.

• Pre heat pan and lightly spray with coconut oil, Cook mushrooms and sprouts until golden
• Add sliced almonds and cooked chicken to the veggies in the pan and cook for two mins, I like to add a couple of splashes (or more depending on how adventurous I’m feeling 😉) of my fav hot sauce to this bit for some extra kick, it also works to lightly coat all ingredients nicely.
• Set pan aside.

Savory Sweet Potato Pancakes

Cooking your Pancakes

Pre heat pan number 2, lightly spray with coconut oil and begin to cook your pancakes. spoon 3 tbs of batter per pancake, I usually try and do three pancakes per pan. Cooking time will vary from 5-7 mins

Putting it all together!
It’s all about the layers! I have a bit of a system…. Pancake, spread tahini, spoon Veggie and chicken mix, sprinkle with chives and dill, place pancake two on top and repeat!

Nutritional Info (Serves 2)

Calories: 450
Carbs: 38
Fats: 16.5
Protein: 44g
Sugar: 1

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