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Gina's Greek breakfast parfait

It’s time for anther quick and easy breakfast idea. With the school season starting back up and things getting even more hectic in the mornings, let me share a recipe that only takes a few minutes to prepare. A well balance breakfast with everything you need to get you going and offer you the energy to last all morning.

Greek Breakfast Parfait

Ingredients-1/2 cup oatmeal, raw
-1/2 cup non fat Greek Yogurt
-1/2 Apple
-1/2 Cup Strawberries
-1/4 Cup Blueberries
-1 Tbsp flaxseeds

Cut apple and strawberries into bite size pieces and set aside. Place oatmeal and Greek yogurt into bowl, add cut fruit and blueberries and simply sprinkle flaxseeds over top. This can be made and eaten right away or if best if you allow to sit in the refrigerator so oats can soften.

Enjoy a well balanced meal, first thing in the morning. The best part is how easy this meal is to make so there is no excuse to miss your most important meal of the day. Enjoy!

Gina Aliotti

Gina is Co-Founder of Devotion Nutrition. She is a Professional Figure Competitor, certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, CrossFit instructor, nutritionist, and fitness consultant. Her passion is to inspire, motivate and teach people the tools to reach their lifelong fitness goals, in a realistic and fun way.

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