Let’s Go Shopping

A Few Healthy Grocery Tips

LET'S-GO-SHOPPING-INSWhen you are shopping remember: fresh first, frozen and then canned. Fresh is always more expensive, but you are sure to get the best for your body. Fresh food is not processed, so therefore it has more nutrients, less sodium and is easier to process. So when you are grocery shopping, look at your list and see where you can substitute for fresh. Here are some examples:

• Skip the canned meats and GO FOR the fresh meats
• Skip the canned veggies and GO FOR fresh veggies
• Skip the seasoned frozen meats and GO FOR fresh meats, adding low-sodium seasoning
• Skip the canned fruits and GO FOR fresh fruit

Another thing to remember while shopping is to choose fresh over manufactured goods. Think of it like eating from the Earth. Here are some good swaps:

• Skip the baked chips and GO FOR homemade popcorn
• Skip the fat-free dressings and GO FOR balsamic vinegar and oil
• Skip the diet pop and GO FOR water, fresh fruit (lemon), stevia
• Skip the processed cereal and GO FOR whole grain oats
• Skip the peanut butter and GO FOR freshly ground almond butter

When I shop, I like to stay on the outside perimeters of the store. Stay away of the center aisles except for the few healthy carbs, such as: whole grain oats, quinoa, whole-wheat wraps, brown rice, etc. Don’t forget to check out your store’s health food aisles for other great choices, such as almond and soy milk.

Below is a sample healthy grocery list. Remember that portion sizes vary for each person. Take the number of calories, carbs and fats you want to consume in a day and divide it by five. Then you can create your own diet.

Sample Grocery List:
Cod fish
Rib eye or flank steak
Mandarin oranges
Green peppers
Sweet potatoes
Spinach lettuce
Brown rice
Flax oil
Olive oil
Sugar-free gum
Sugar-free Jello

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