Curb Your Cravings

Don't Let Cravings Hinder Your Progress

Cravings, yes! Why do we always get these crazy cravings late at night? Could it be because we are bored? Yes! And we have all been there. Sometimes our brain plays tricks on us, telling us we need food when we really do not. When there is nothing to do, food always seem to creep into our thoughts… wouldn’t it be great if we knew a few tricks to curb the cravings?!

A healthy day of meals includes six small, portioned meals. The snacking in between can DEFINITELY ruin the ultimate goal! So let’s think about a few ways to distract ourselves and predetermine how we will NOT let those crazy cravings take over!

STAY HYDRATED: Sometimes the brain misinterprets the need for food, when really all our body needs is water! When you feel like you’re hungry, drink a glass of water. If you want to switch it up, put some MiO, Crystal Light, or sip on a calorie-free flavored beverage. If the feeling persists, it is time to feed your body :)

DISTRACT YOURSELF: Do some chores around the house, write a “to-do list,” or go do some errands around the town. Simply taking our mind off food and placing it on some chores will help curb the cravings! Just don’t get too busy that you forget to eat when it IS time! ;)

FRESHEN UP: Either brush your teeth or pop a piece of sugar-free gum. Keep your toothbrush, mints, sugar-free gum or mouthwash near you at all times. This will take your mind off of the foods and snackin’! When you have nice fresh breath, who wants to ruin it?

TEA TIME: Instead of heading to the cupboards for food, make yourself a cup of tea. It gives ya a little flavor and satisfies those cravings. You can also spice it up with some flavored stevia, Splenda or Truvia.

KILL TEMPTATIONS: Remove all of the foods that tempt you from your house and THROW THEM OUT! Yes, have the willpower to throw them away if they won’t benefit you and your health goals! I understand if you have kids or a husband who aren’t into eating clean— at least put their food where you cannot see it! The less you see, the less you crave!

EXERCISE: When all else fails, go for a walk around your block! Take the kids to the park, or if you can, the BEST option is to go to the GYM! SO many times we do NOT feel like going, but after you finish, it is an AMAZING feeling!!!

Cravings are creepy little things, and boy do they sure sneak up! PREDETERMINE now that you will NOT let them get the BEST of you! Slowly, these patterns will become habits! We are all human and we will always get cravings, but it is teaching ourselves how to deal with the cravings that matters. This will only be beneficial for our fitness goals and a healthier lifestyle!

Till next time, stay DEDICATED and DETERMINED! “The SKYE’s the limit”!!!

Skye Taylor

Skye is an IFBB Bikini Pro and is currently the spokesmodel/sponsored athlete of Champion Nutrition USA.

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