5 Post-Workout Snack Ideas

Easy meals to fuel your muscles & recovery

5 Post-Workout Snack Ideas - Easy meals to fuel your muscles & recovery
It’s not always that easy to get in your nutrition post-workout, especially if you are on the-go trying to make your next “appointment.” In a previous post, I discussed eight on-the-go protein options. But protein is just the start when it comes to post-workout nutrition. You also need a good source of carbs to complement the protein, help refill muscle energy levels and get nutrient and amino levels back up! Whether you plan on eating your post workout snack in your car or in the gym, you will want something that isn’t going to spoil or make a mess and is absolutely going to satisfy your hunger and address your depleted muscles’ needs. If you are not a fan of bringing your chicken everywhere you go or have downed one too many protein shakes to count, here are a few different post-workout snack ideas to hold you over until your next meal:

Cheese Sticks and Apple

5 Post-Workout Snack Ideas - Easy meals to fuel your muscles & recoveryTwo low fat cheese sticks delivers just 100 calories, including 5 g of fat and 12 g of protein; while an apple provides 25 g of carbs and 4 g of fiber. Dairy protein is digested slowly and can help decrease hunger between meals, while an apple can help satisfy your depleted muscles need for carbs.

Ready-to-Drink Meal Replacement

Ready-to-drink Meal Replacement Shakes are perfect on-the-go nutrition. No need to carry protein powder, simply twist off the cap and they are ready to go. Ready-to-drinks are formulated with caseinate and milk proteins and usually deliver a source of carbs as well.

Turkey Slices and Rice Cakes

5 Post-Workout Snack Ideas - Easy meals to fuel your muscles & recoveryTired of having a protein shake with your rice cakes? Try having a few slices of low fat turkey meat. Turkey is high in protein, very low in fat and can be stacked nicely on a rice cake! Just 4 oz of turkey meat delivers 18 g of protein, while a couple of organic brown rice cakes provide up to 30 g of carbs.

Meal Replacement Protein Bar

Instead of grabbing the low carb protein bar, opt for a meal replacement bar instead. Meal replacement protein bars are formulated with a carb source and offer up an equal or sometimes greater amount of carbs than protein. Look for an option that provides a good source of complex whole grain carbs along with a high quality protein source. Keep calories to less than 300 calories to replace a meal.

Trail Mix

Use a trail mix that contains an equal amount of nuts and dried fruit. Nuts provide a source of protein and fats, which can help to slow down your post workout hunger before you get a chance to make it home to eat! Choose one that contains an assortment of dried fruit such as banana chips and coconut, which provide natural sources of electrolytes that can help replenish your fatigued muscles. One word of caution, trail mix can be calorie-heavy if you are not careful so be sure to measure out your trail mix into a snackable size!

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