4 Diet Resolutions To Ditch

And Strategies That’ll Get You To Your Goal!

Another holiday season has come to a close. Have you reflected on your year? Did you accomplish all the goals you wanted to, or did you give up on them half way through?

Sometimes the reason we fail is not because we didn’t try, but because of the goal we set for ourselves from the beginning. This year, instead of choosing goals that are just too difficult to manage with your lifestyle, try a new approach that will lead to long-term success. In this post, I talk about four diet resolutions to ditch and how to replace those resolutions with a more realistic, achievable goal!

4 Diet Resolutions To Ditch - And Strategies That’ll Get You To Your Goal!

DITCH IT – I Will Weigh Myself Everyday

The scale…loved and hated by most of us, depending on what that number says. Many of us tend to get obsessed with the scale number believing that we should weigh a certain number; however, a scale only tells us part of the story. It doesn’t account for water fluctuations, or distinguish between fat or lean muscle weight gain.

4 Diet Resolutions To Ditch - And Strategies That’ll Get You To Your Goal!

REPLACE IT – I Will Use The Mirror

Instead of obsessing over one number, pay attention to what the mirror is telling you. Have you lost inches around your waist, have you put on muscle, are you looking leaner and trimmer? The scale can provide some guidance, but it shouldn’t be your only way of measuring yourself. Take measurements and/or pictures and use the mirror to give yourself a more accurate assessment of what is truly happening to your body.

DITCH IT – I Will Go To The Gym Everyday

Most of us don’t have the time to make it to the gym every single day—nor is it necessary. Yes, consistency in the gym is important, but four to five workouts per week is plenty to cover off every single body part. If you have been missing out on the gym in recent months and have decided to make your resolution this year to never miss a workout, you could set yourself up for future failure.

4 Diet Resolutions To Ditch - And Strategies That’ll Get You To Your Goal!

REPLACE IT – I Will Commit To The Gym Every Week

If you plan on hitting the gym everyday, you will burn out. Muscles need rest in between workouts to recover and heal. In addition, if you haven’t been hitting the gym as often as you use to, suddenly hitting it hard again could risk injury. When first getting back to the gym again, remember to take a minimum of 48 hours between workouts targeting the same muscle groups, aim to hit each muscle group once per week and fill in non-weight training days with cardio or plyometric workouts.

DITCH IT – I’m Going to Follow My Diet Exactly 100% Of The Time

These are words to fail by—even the best dieters and most successful fitness professionals never stick to their diet 100% of the time. If you are used to being liberal with your diet, you will be far more effective to ease slowly into a new diet rather than doing a complete overhaul all at once.

4 Diet Resolutions To Ditch - And Strategies That’ll Get You To Your Goal!

REPLACE IT – I’m Going to Eat Healthy 80% Of The Time

Use the 80/20 rule when applying new diet changes. Make sure that 80 % of your diet and your calories come from good food sources, and you are following your diet 80% of the time. The remaining 20% can come from those not-so-good foods.

For example, the IIFYM style diet relies on majority of the macros coming from good food sources, while the remaining 20% may come from more pleasurable foods like a small piece of chocolate, provided it fits into your required macronutrient profile for the day. This rule allows you to still get majority of your calories from good food sources, while also satisfying your urge for foods that are typically not on a weight loss plan. Allowing this small pleasure can help keep food cravings away.

DITCH IT – I’m Going To Stop Eating After 6PM

Eating doesn’t need a cut off time. It’s more about what you are eating rather than when. If you tend to mindlessly munch in the front of the TV in the evenings, perhaps it’s because you haven’t had enough calories or haven’t been eating the right foods throughout the day.

4 Diet Resolutions To Ditch - And Strategies That’ll Get You To Your Goal!

REPLACE IT– I Will Eat Healthy Food At Regular Intervals

Most fitness diets will have you eating every 3 or so hours throughout the day to keep your blood sugar stabilized. Although its since been shown that eating 5 or 6 meals per day doesn’t do much for your metabolism, it does keep your blood sugar balanced which can help prevent that late night snacking. Eating at regular intervals also keeps your muscles filled with nutrients and aminos that will prevent muscle catabolism, which helps you to preserve that hard-earned muscle!

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