10 Must- Have Fit Foods

Stock your kitchen for diet success

10 Must- Have Fit Foods - Stock your kitchen for diet success
I receive numerous messages asking me about the specifics of my nutrition. While my meals are always changing, there are a number of staples that you will always see in my kitchen because of their nutritional properties.

As you know, you are what you eat. If you eat good food, you will have good results in fitness, health and beauty! So, fill your fridge with good things and eliminate processed, junk foods and you will be on your way to your best health. Here are my 10 favorite must-have fit foods:

1. Oats. Yummy! Nothing is better than a bowl of steaming oats first thing in the morning. Because of its high fiber content, it’ll keep you full for hours, stabilize your blood sugar and support healthy digestion. Just add water or milk and some cinnamon, and it can taste like a dessert!

2. Eggs. If your goal is to gain or maintain muscle, include eggs in your diet. They contain all the essential amino acids required by the body for optimal growth and maintenance of lean tissue! Also, eggs are low calorie, free of carbs, easy to cook and inexpensive.

3. Lean Protein. Protein from turkey, beef and chicken supports muscle growth and maintenance. Also, regularly eating lean protein keeps your metabolism high, as your body has to work hard to break down and absorb this nutrient.

4. Fish. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, this protein source reduces inflammation, promotes fat loss and enhances the efficiency of leptin, a hormone that quiets your appetite.

5. Fruits & Veggies. I love fruits and veggies! They provide antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates and natural sugar! Also, these foods help to support your digestion.

6. Nuts, Flaxseed & Olive oil. These are a few of my favorite healthy fats. Fats are necessary for brain function, help with reducing inflammation, maintaining your blood sugar and promoting fat loss.

7. Brown Rice & Sweet Potatoes. Yes, you can eat starchy carbohydrates! A great source of energy, carbs will help to fuel your workouts. Brown rice and sweet potatoes are a few of my favorites, as they are so versatile and taste wonderful!

8. Low Fat Dairy. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are delicious, full of nutrients and protein-rich. Just add some fruit and enjoy! Also, the vitamin D and calcium in these foods have been shown to facilitate fat loss.

9. Water: Water is necessary to hydrate your body, eliminate toxins and keeping your body functioning. Without sufficient water, you will feel sluggish and be unable to perform optimally. Often time, thirst is confused for hunger, so drink up!

10. Powerful Flavors. Tumeric, cinnamon, onion and garlic put add flavor & nutrition to your food. For example, tumeric has been shown to have anti-cancer effects as well as help with fat loss. Cinnamon assists with blood sugar regulation.


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