Building Your Body Part 3 – SHOULDERS

Learn The Basics & Beyond

Thank you for watching my Real Strength video series! In this episode, the focus is on shoulders. Shoulder training must be specific and safe to maximize effectiveness and keep you injury free! I give you a look at a few ways to ensure both.

Several years ago, I had a shoulder injury and was forced to take a month off from all shoulder exercises. The long head of the biceps, which crosses over the shoulders and inserts into the clavicle, was strained. So any movement that involved using shoulders was extremely painful. The only exercises that I did were a few rehabilitative movements that targeted the muscles in the shoulder joint. Because they were so effective, I kept using those exercises even as I healed and never removed them from my routine. Thankfully, I have not had any recurring issues or pain since.

I found that by building and maintaining a solid foundation throughout my body has helped me to lift pain free while using more weight.

I hope you enjoy!


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