Keep Your Resolutions on Track

Discover Awesome Products with PrettyFit

It’s March— how are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? By this time, many people have forgotten about the promises they’ve made for the new year.

But if you made a commitment to fitness in 2015, there’s still hope if you need help staying on track, and a company called PrettyFit can help. Through monthly packages, PrettyFit delivers some of the best nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, workout gear and more. Each monthly package has a different theme with a combination of the best products, workouts and recipes and tips from top fitness professionals. Users receive these products at an amazing value— at least $90 worth of products at a much lower price.

Keep Your Resolutions on Track - Discover Awesome Products with PrettyFit

For instance, one recent pack introduced this year was the Resolution Pack (which you can order here: “We wanted to put together a well-rounded pack full of complementary items that could help kickstart a healthy New Year’s resolution,” said Alex Lewis, the Co-Founder of PrettyFit who also co-founded

Although the Resolution Pack is a little more focused on weight loss since that is a popular goal after the new year, also included are a variety of excellent products to help get people on the right track, including some of the best all-natural protein powders, a delicious protein pancake mix, some super healthy protein-packed chips, a pre-workout, protein bars and more.

Clearly, PrettyFit monthly packages are a useful tool for anyone trying to stick to their fitness resolutions because users have the opportunity to try new products each month, which motivates them to stay on track towards their goals. “In addition to introducing our members to the best products to help them accomplish their goals at unbeatable prices, we also do our best to educate our members on the best ways to utilize these products over time,” said Alex. “And we also provide them with workout routines, recipes, and fitness tips to help them accomplish whatever their health and fitness goals might be.”

In addition, if you don’t want to commit to receiving a pack every month OR just would really like one of the packages that’s being offered, you can purchase a package without joining. And better yet, proceeds go to a good cause— PrettyFit donates a portion of all proceeds to Vitamin Angels, which is a nonprofit organization providing essential vitamins and minerals to at-risk populations.

So far the response to PrettyFit has been fantastic, said Alex, and there has been lots of positive feedback about the concept, the individual themed packs, and helping people discover awesome new products. “In fact, over 70 percent of surveyed users say that they now regularly purchase an item they discovered through their PrettyFit packs,” said Alex.

In the next few months, PrettyFit has even more exciting plans in store, including some very unique packs curated by some of the top names in the industry, and will also be releasing several more products from their own PrettyFit line (currently they have their own greens product and all-natural fat burner). “Some of these products will truly be unlike anything else in the industry and we can’t wait to get them into our members hands!” said Alex.

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Lisa Steuer

Lisa Steuer is a journalist and freelance writer, and formerly the managing editor of FitnessRx for Women. Lisa is currently a Content Developer at Flexographic Technical Association.

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