Stretch to Grow Closer

Three stretching exercises that work better with two

I met my hubby at the gym 12 years ago, so fitness has always been a part of our relationship. While we love to train together, we don’t do it that often, as we have different goals and approaches to training. That said, we almost always head to the gym at the same time so we can help push each other, enjoy a little cardio together, and just recently, complete a stretching session.

YOUR-BEST-COUPLES-STRETCHING-ins2Every night after we’re done with our respective workouts, we head to the mats to stretch. Stretching is one of those things that we all say we need to do, but don’t make a priority. After a long day of work and a tough workout, most of us just want to get home, right?

YOUR-BEST-COUPLES-STRETCHING-ins3This year, my hubby and I committed to stretch more consistently, and we decided we would do it together. Thanks to our stretching sessions, we are recovering from our workouts more quickly, nursing fewer injuries, are more relaxed heading into the evening and visiting the chiropractor much less often.

Beside the physical benefits, our stretching sessions are great for our relationship. It gives us another opportunity to have quality time together without cell phones, computers or other random distractions. It’s just us and the mat.

If you’re looking for a little something to do to with your honey this Valentine’s, how about beginning a habit of couples stretching? Give a few of our favorite stretches a try.

Wishing you a healthy & love-filled day!


Assisted Straddle

Sit facing one another in a straddle with your feet touching and grab one another’s hands.

While one of you stretches forward, the other leans back to deepen the partner’s stretch. Hold the stretch for eight seconds and then switch.

Hamstring & Calf Stretch

This one is tough. While we don’t physically help each other with this stretch, we definitely encourage each other to keep pushing through the tension.

Begin standing upright with your feet together. Reach forward and place your hands on the floor in front on you. Walk your hands out a bit until you can get your whole hand on the floor and you can flatten your back.

Begin by pressing your weight in one heel while lifting the heel of the opposite foot. Alternate the heels for eight reps each leg.

Then, press both heels back and really focus on flattening your lower back to intensify the stretch. Hold this stretch for eight seconds.

Hip, Hamstring and Lower Back Release

This is a three-part combination stretch.

Part 1: Hamstrings. Begin by lying on your back on the floor. Lift one leg to the ceiling. From the standing or kneeling position, your partner should then hold onto your ankle and gently press your leg toward your shoulder. Hold stretch for eight seconds and then switch sides.

Part 2: Hips. Beginning from the same starting position as Part 1, bend your knee toward your chest with your foot flexed. Your partner should then gently press down on your foot to deepen the stretch. Hold stretch for eight seconds and then switch sides.

Part 3: Lower Back.  Lying on your back, bring your right knee to your chest and then cross it over your body. It should be touching the floor on the left side of your body. The goal is to keep your right shoulder and right knee touching the ground. Your partner can assist by gently pressing on each area. Hold stretch for eight seconds and then switch sides.

Push Toward Your Best

It is so much easier to maintain the fit lifestyle if your significant other is supportive. From my experience, keeping your partner on board with your goals is all about showing him “what’s in it for him.” You don’t need to put together a PowerPoint presentation on the topic. You just need to make sure that he witnesses how happy it makes you and then invest some of that happy into making him feel important. It can be as simple as going out of your way to telling him specific things that you love about him on a daily basis, cooking him up his favorite eats even if isn’t on your diet and taking off the sweats and getting “cutied up” so he can see how your hard work is paying off!

Keep pushing— your best is waiting.

Jaime Baird

Jaime Baird is an IFBB Bikini Pro. Her life’s mission is to help others, especially women, achieve their best in health and life.

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