In This Issue: June 2015

Summer Shape-up

Summer is almost here— and it’s crunch time! The June issue of FitnessRx for Women is all about burning fat and toning up in time for the warm weather. Since you are a FitnessRx for Women reader, we know that you already train hard. The June issue will help you take things up a notch with the best scientifically backed research on burning fat, high-intensity training for lean muscle, sculpting a six-pack and much more!

In This Issue: June 2015 - Summer Shape-up

Do you still need to lose a few stubborn pounds? We have a program that will help you tighten up— and it doesn’t involve endless cardio. In “Fat-burning Finishers with IFBB Bikini Champion Janet Layug: Make Over Your Cardio Routine with Strength and Plyo Circuits” by Jaime Baird and Lisa Steuer, our June cover model and Bikini champion Janet Layug demonstrates some seriously intense circuits for a better burn. Tag these circuits to the end of your weight-training session to challenge your body and scorch the fat.

In This Issue: June 2015 - Summer Shape-up

We all want a tight booty for summer. But if you’ve been counting on squats and leg presses alone to meet this goal, you may be disappointed. This is because compound movements may end up working the quads rather than the booty. In “Bombshell Booty Workout With IFBB Bikini Pro Bianca Berry by Jaime Baird, Bombshell Fitness, which is responsible for building award-winning glutes, has a workout to get your rear in gear!

In This Issue: June 2015 - Summer Shape-up

If you really want to take your fitness to the next level, then you should give high-intensity explosive (HIET) training a try. This type of training is tough, but it will produce results. In “High-Intensity Explosive Training: 4-Week Body Transformation Plan With IFBB Pro Justine Munro by Thomas Fahey, Ed.D. and Jaime Baird, we’ve got a four-week full-body plan to whip you into shape. HIET works by turning on biochemical pathways that mobilize fat burning to give you that lean, athletic look. Give the method and program a try, and get ready to really amp up the results.

In This Issue: June 2015 - Summer Shape-up

Of course, you’ll need some flat abs to go along with your tight booty. After all, there is nothing better than feeling completely confident in your bathing suit. In “Sculpted Summer Abs: Weekly Core-training Program with IFBB Pro Jessica Renee by Lisa Steuer, this four-day core program will help facilitate results by giving you different ab moves to do each day. Plus, this will keep you from getting bored! All you need to do is add the ab exercises onto the end of whatever workout you are already doing that day. A little bit of core-training each day goes a long way.

Plus— there is so much information and confusion about fasted cardio. Can it really help you to burn even more fat? Find out in “Fasted Cardio and Changes in Body Composition” By Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D.

And of course, if you really want to see results for summer, you’ll need to make sure your diet is in check. Check out “Power Eating: Top 10 Fat Loss and Performance Foods” by Susan Kleiner, Ph.D., and “Fat-Loss Supplements: What Works and What Doesn’t” By Victor Prisk, M.D.

This is just a sample of the great information you will find in the June issue to help you get ready for the warm weather and bikinis. Pick up your copy and get started today— and enjoy the summer season with a completely sculpted look!

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