In This Issue: August

Summer Meltdown!

In This Issue - Summer Meltdown!
Summer is officially here! We all know that warm weather, bikinis and tank tops are good motivators to get in your best shape. So in the August issue of FitnessRx (available now), we’ve put together some of the most effective workouts for blasting fat and toning up for summer— along with the latest scientific research on healthy eating, diets, training and more.

Everyone wants to wear a bikini with confidence. Luckily, we’ve got Bravo’s “Toned Up” stars Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson to whip us into bikini-ready shape! In “Beach Body Blast: Tone It Up with Karena and Katrina” by Jaime Baird, the fun-loving trainers who have transformed bodies all over the world are here to transform ours. With exercises created by our cover models Karena and Katrina themselves, this total-body workout involves unique compound movements that will challenge you, no matter what your fitness level may be. Grab some sunscreen and get to work!

A set of sculpted and toned legs is an essential summer asset. In “Approach The Bench With IFBB Bikini Pro Courtney King” by Lisa Steuer, the workout will help you sculpt sexy legs using only a bench and dumbbells. Whether you are new to the gym or a gym veteran who needs a change of pace, this workout is for you! So get ready to create those long, lean legs that look great on the beach or in summer shorts. Plus follow Courtney’s helpful fitness tips and advice to really amp up the fat burn. “No matter what you’re trying to accomplish … fitness will bring you a peace of mind, confidence, happiness and an overall better outlook on life,” said Courtney.

Having a strong core not only looks great in the summer time, it also has many benefits that can positively impact your training. In “Get Hardcore with IFBB Bikini Pro Yeshaira Robles” by Jaime Baird and Lisa Steuer, Yeshaira— the 2014 New York Pro Bikini champion— demonstrates 10 exercises to help you tighten, flatten and strengthen your entire core this season. So while you’re working toward a strong, sexy midsection, you’ll also be strengthening the muscles that help you complete other exercises more efficiently— and as a result you’ll be able to perform better and reach your goals faster. “Anything is possible and you will reach your goals. You have to give it your all. You will fall, but you must get back up and finish what you started,” said Yeshaira.

Part of the fun of summer season is outdoor grilling and barbecues. Unfortunately, the typical cookout food usually consists of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pasta salads loaded with mayo, fattening desserts, and other less-than-ideal options. But this year, you can have your cookout and eat it too! In “Complete Guide to a Healthy Barbecue” by IFBB Figure Pro Allison Frahn, Allison has prepared a full healthy barbecue menu that includes everything from appetizers all the way to desserts— and even a healthy cocktail! Plus, follow the simple tips for grilling safely and reducing carcinogens. Get ready to fire up the grill and prepare a healthy summer party menu that you and your guests can feel good about.

The August issue of FitnessRx is packed with the best cutting-edge tips, workouts and advice from the experts, as well as scientifically backed research on exercise and healthy eating to whip you into your best summer shape. Pick up the August issue today and get ready to tone up, blast fat and achieve that beach body before summer ends!

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