In This Issue: August FitnessRx

Get Your Perfect Body!

In This Issue: August FitnessRx - Get Your Perfect Body!
Summer is here, but there’s still time to get lean and toned before the season ends! To help you achieve your goals, we’ve got everything you need to know in the August issue of FitnessRx for Women— including the best tips, workouts and advice from the experts, as well as scientifically-backed research on fat loss, training and healthy eating. PLUS, we’ve included a FREE poster with an awesome legs and glutes workout! So are you finally ready to achieve your perfect body? Here’s a sneak peak of just some of the great info you’ll find in our August issue!

Our cover model, IFBB Bikini Pro Tawna Eubanks, says that her motivation for training is simple— “I go to the gym to perfect MY physique.” This is great advice to live by! To find out exactly how Tawna sculpts her bikini body, be sure to check out “Perfect Legs and Glutes” by Jaime Baird. Tawna says she transformed her lower body from “long and lanky” to strong and shapely, and one of her secrets is unilateral training, which allows the muscles of each leg to be worked equally. But here’s the best part— you can train just like Tawna with the Perfect Legs and Glutes workout poster that’s so easy to pull out and take to the gym! With Tawna’s tips, workouts, diet advice, and more, you, too, can achieve perfect legs and glutes before the colder months hit!

Looking for the best ways to burn fat this summer? In “Incinerate Fat: The 43 Best Fat-loss Tips” by Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, Ed.D., we’ve compiled the best scientifically-backed research and studies on fat loss and weight control. Here are just some of the great research studies and info you’ll find: dairy foods promote weight loss when part of a low-calorie diet; calcium and vitamin D promote abdominal fat loss; ginger increases calorie burning; meal timing might affect weight loss; and much more! Get all the tools and info you need to eat healthier, train harder, burn fat and get lean!

We all know that finding time for fitness isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel! In “Beach Body Workout with Bikini Champion Chady Dunmore” by Jaime Baird, Chady shares her Beach Body Resistance Band Workout to help us get into the best shape of our lives. After years of fitness on-the-go, Chady has become an expert on resistance bands. In fact, she recently developed an in-room “fit kit” that features bands, a yoga mat and specially designed in-room workouts for the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. So of course, we knew Chady would be able to share lots of fitness secrets with us! You’ll be well on your way to a beach body when you learn about Chady’s tips for mastering the band, her super quick cardio, her nutrition plan, tips for staying motivated, and much more! “You have to make it happen. If you want to put it off until Monday, you don’t want it bad enough,” says Chady.

Last year, we featured a breakthrough article about new developments on losing weight through a mini fast and fat-burning workout. Since then, fasting for weight loss has become very hot topic in fitness magazines, as well as a top-selling book. Now, there is even more research available on this topic. In “The Get Thin Fast Diet: Inside the New Weight-loss Craze,” Susan M. Kleiner, Ph.D., RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN, revisits this topic and discusses more data on the effects of intermittent fasting on fat loss and health. Plus, we’ve got new and easier guidelines, menu recommendations and recipes. This method may be the one you need to finally get lean!

It’s officially the summer season, but there is still time to tone up, blast fat, and achieve your best. Find everything you need to get in your best shape— including the latest scientifically backed, cutting-edge research— in the August issue of FitnessRx for Women!

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