Crystal Anderson: Finding Fit Success

A Bombshell Transformation Story

Today we are sharing a transformation story featuring Bombshell Fitness member Crystal Anderson! Crystal was the People’s Choice Winner of the 2016 Bombshell B-Transformed 12-Week Body Challenge. This challenge was judged on improving one’s body shape and fitness, in addition to demonstrating internal transformation.

Throughout this 12-week challenge, participants were provided individualized nutrition, cardio and training programs by their expert Bombshell coach, and also had weekly mental and physical challenges to amp up the intensity and fitness fun! The transformation winners were announced at Bombshell’s annual BOMiCON event, which brings together women who love fitness from all over the globe!

Crystal Anderson: Finding Fit Success - A Bombshell Transformation Story

Here is Crystal’s inspiring story!

After a move to Daytona Beach from New York, Crystal Anderson, a married mother of four, found herself falling into a depression.

“I had to leave behind my dreams because my mother had cancer. I always said, ‘family first,’” said Crystal. In addition, after working in restaurant management, she was forced to leave it behind for a better paying career. On a “mission to find her future,” Crystal worked hard and eventually started a cleaning business. After 10 years, she managed to buy out three real estate property firms. “I have been working on building my empire ever since.”

It was fitness that really helped Crystal to relieve some of the stress in her life. “I used to eat when I got stressed, but I have learned to exercise instead.”

Crystal officially joined Bombshell Fitness in 2015, but before that she had followed them for years. “It’s a true sisterhood and each year it only gets bigger and better. I love the coaches, plans and the meals. The support is endless. I really believe Bombshell has saved my life,” said Crystal.

Taking The Challenge

Crystal decided to join Bombshell’s 12-week challenge in order to get a jumpstart on “a new me,” she said. She was chosen as the People’s Choice B-Transformed Body Winner, which the public chose by casting their votes on the Bombshell Fitness website. Crystal said she feels happy that people believed in her and followed her journey.

“It was, and continues to be, a lifestyle change that will happen for the rest of my life,” said Crystal, who added that the best part of being the People’s Choice winner was the messages she received from people she inspired with her fitness journey. “I love more than anything that with hard work, anything is possible.”

Of course, there were setbacks throughout the challenge. “My weakness has always been stress,” said Crystal. “I learned that when I am stressed to just go to the gym and surround yourself with those on the same mission as you. And if they truly care, they will not try to set you up for failure or make you feel guilty for not being the old you.”

Ultimately for Crystal, being healthy meant letting go of the past, and also adding more years to life. “My ultimate goal is watching my children grow up, traveling with my family, planning my children’s weddings and doing it all feeling good about myself. I want to thank Bombshell Fitness for saving my life.”

Crystal Anderson: Finding Fit Success - A Bombshell Transformation Story

Crystal’s Tips for Success

1. Being consistent is the key!
2. If you fall off, pick yourself back up and start again no matter what.
3. Keep a friend or a team of people that is on the same mission as you. “I always go to my fitness groups— my two favorites are Boxing and Zumba. Once I see everyone else hustling, it motivates me to do better.”
4. Make it a routine.
5. Being prepared and on schedule is one of the most important keys for fitness success. “I find that setting alarms on my cell phone reminds me not to miss meals and that with weight loss, timing is everything.”
6. “[During the transformation process] I learned that, yes, working out is tiring— but once you’re committed, eating bad and not working out makes you feel 10 times worse.”

Bombshell Fitness has been building strong women from all over the globe since 2007. The experts on building a lean, tight, feminine, hourglass shaped body, Bombshell Fitness offers its clients individualized training, cardio and nutrition programs and 1-on-1 personal coaching to help them transform for life.

Lisa Steuer

Lisa Steuer is a journalist and freelance writer, and formerly the managing editor of FitnessRx for Women. Lisa is currently a Content Developer at Flexographic Technical Association.

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