Third Trimester Exercising: 5 Tips

Plus Low-Impact Pregnancy Circuit

Third Trimester Exercising: 5 Tips - Plus Low-Impact Pregnancy Circuit
As I am now deep into my third trimester of pregnancy, I wanted to share with you a few third trimester reminders and a lower impact circuit workout. As my baby and belly grows, there is no reason to stop exercising. However, it is important to modify and adjust my workouts for where I am and how my body is feeling from day to day!

There has definitely been a shift in my energy levels and the types of exercises I can do, but in this circuit workout, you will see how I have adjusted my exercises to still make things work and focus on my goal to move daily. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, pregnant or not, there are always things you can do to adjust your workouts to fit your level and where you are in your life! Finding ways to work within your fitness level and particular needs, at any given time in your life, is what it is all about. With a flexible and modifying mindset, you will have no problem maintaining an excellent fit and healthy lifestyle.

Here are my five important reminders for third trimester exercising:

1. Take your time

It may take you longer to get through your workout and that is OK! Take your time throughout each exercise and go with how you feel. Do only what feels right and comfortable for you and your baby. This is NOT a race. The most important thing is that you are showing up and getting your blood flowing. This is not the time to set the timer and hit record times. Take your time, breath deeply and listen to your body!

2. Light cardio

No matter what type of cardio you have been able to maintain, at this point you need to stick with very light lower intensity cardio. Walking, using any form of step machine or even sitting on a bike may become more difficult, so it is time to take it to the pool! Swimming is an excellent way to get in your cardiovascular exercise with very minimal resistance and without the weight of your body (and baby).

3. Ensure your body is well supported

As your belly grows and balance is shifted, it is important to ensure your body is well supported throughout all your exercises. Simply sitting on an exercise ball or placing it against a wall while you do your resistance exercises is an excellent way to keep yourself well supported.

4. Hydration

As always, hydration is so important. As you are working your body, be sure to have water on hand and take sips in between each set. It is easy to forget to drink water when you have so many things on your mind, so be mindful and always have water on hand so you don’t forget! Remember, set, sip, set, sip…

5. Listen to your body

This is key throughout your entire pregnancy, but especially as your pregnancy progresses. You may not be able to do things that you once could. Every day is different. As your baby grows and shifts inside your belly, your body is going to feel different from day to day, minute to minute. Go with how you feel and if something doesn’t feel right, stop, rest and take it easy.

Gina Aliotti’s 3rd Trimester Circuit

Third Trimester Exercising: 5 Tips - Plus Low-Impact Pregnancy Circuit

15 Wall Push-ups

With your hand against a wall and feet out flat behind you in a wide stance, perform a push-up. Keep your elbows hugging your body to target your upper chest and triceps muscles at the same time.

Third Trimester Exercising: 5 Tips - Plus Low-Impact Pregnancy Circuit

15 Wide-stance Bench Dips

Start with your hands on a chair or bench behind you, and feet out in front of you in a wide stance. Bend your elbows back, lowering your body towards the ground, aiming to get your arms to a 90-degree angle. Press back up, exhale and repeat exercise.

Third Trimester Exercising: 5 Tips - Plus Low-Impact Pregnancy Circuit

30-second Wall Sit

With a ball against your back and feet out in front of you, in a wide stance, lower down until your legs are parallel to the ground, as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Keep your chest out and back upright against the wall and both toes and keels grounded to the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then rise.

Third Trimester Exercising: 5 Tips - Plus Low-Impact Pregnancy Circuit

15 Wide-stance Bodyweight Squats

With your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and toes slightly turned out, cross your hands across your chest. Keeping your chest out and shoulders back, lower directly down towards the ground until your legs are parallel to the ground. Use your heels to press back up to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Third Trimester Exercising: 5 Tips - Plus Low-Impact Pregnancy Circuit

10 Pelvic Floor Stretches with Pelvic contraction

Kneeling on hands and knees with your belly parallel to the ground, start by rounding your back and contracting the muscles that form your pelvic floor, also known as “kegel muscles.” You will contract your muscles as if you are trying to hold back urination. Hold for three seconds, then arch your back and contract your kegel muscles again, as you did before. Hold for three seconds and repeat exercise.

Rest and repeat one to two more times, depending on how you are feeling.

Gina Aliotti

Gina Aliotti is the owner of Gina Aliotti Fitness and co-founder of Devotion Nutrition. She is a professional Figure competitor, certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, CrossFit instructor, nutritionist and fitness consultant. Her passion is to inspire, motivate and teach people how to stay devoted to living a healthy lifestyle, no matter where they are in their journey. Since having her two kids, Gina has adopted NO GYM workouts, proving that it doesn’t take a gym to reach your goals.

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