Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

6 Things To Try!

1. Hit the Weights

Too much cardio can cause your body to become catabolic, meaning that instead of building lean muscle and burning fat, your body starts to burn muscle and store fat, which ultimately will lower your metabolism. If you don’t know how to lift weights properly, schedule a consult today with me! There are many benefits of strength training, here are just a few.

Strength training will add definition to your muscles, help to keep the weight off for good, make you stronger & fitter, increase your metabolism, boosts energy levels and improves mood.

Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

2. Eat Protein Every 3-4 Hours

We often try to restrict our calories, which in turn can lead to our bodies becoming catabolic. Many people think that restricting their calories will make them lose weight. Well this is partly true. However, if you are starving yourself, it will only make you carry more fat, and when you no longer can stand restricting your calories, you will try and go back to a normal way of eating. This is what many experience as yo-yo dieting. Instead of restricting your calories, try to incorporate protein into each meal and start your day off right with a protein packed breakfast.

Healthy proteins are lean meats, fish, eggs, plain Greek yogurt, beans and seafood.

3. Track Your Food

So many people roll their eyes and refuse to do a food journal. The problem is, unless you actually track, weight, portion out your food for a minimum of three days, you will have no idea the amount of food you are eating. So many moms get caught up in grabbing a bite of their kids’ food here and there; before you know it, it all adds up. Another place we over consume food is while driving! Try to limit your snacks and no eating in the car!

Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

4. Incorporate Fiber

Fiber is essential to weight loss. You want to try and get 25-35 grams per day. Fiber allows the movement of food throughout your intestines. It helps with absorption of macronutrients and it slows down the digestion of sugar and carbohydrates, which helps to prevent them from being stored as fat.

Here are some foods high in fiber: quinoa, chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado, coconut, lentils, black beans, pears, nuts, prunes, raspberries, hummus and more.

5. Switch Up Your Workouts

Do you do the same workout every day? Your body actually will adapt to your workouts. As your workouts become easier, the less effective they become. Switching up your workouts will help to avoid plateaus. Alternate between lifting weights to body weight. Go heavier with less reps and then lighter with more reps. If you do steady state cardio try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Sign up for Ashley’s newsletter at to receive a free workout.

Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

6. Get Adequate Rest

I know you’ve probably heard this before and it can be very challenging as a mom to make this happen but getting adequate sleep. It is vital to losing body fat. Adequate rest allows your body to rest, repair and reset your hormones. If you are sleep deprived, it will increase your cortisol levels, which in turn, increases the fat around your midsection.

Ashley Marble

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