Gym Outfit of the Week

Week 1: Lululemon and Gap Athletic

Hey there ladies, Coach Holly here! After many years in the gym, I’ve worn just about every brand of fitness clothing on the market. I remember when the only place to get clothes to wear to the gym was a sporting goods store— when yoga pants were called stirrup pants and we wore sweatpants and crop tops, not $98 leggings!

So trust me when I say that I have wasted a lot of time and money on the wrong clothes, and endured quite a few embarrassing moments squatting, deadlifting and sweating through transparent tights and tops. I’m here to help keep you from making the same mistakes I have, so I’m bringing you my reviews!! Be on the lookout for the good, the bad and the really, really sweaty— every week, in my “Gym Outfit of The Week” #GOOTW

Gym Outfit Of The Week With Coach Holly - lululemon, gap athletic and new balance

Tights: lululemon, Align pant
Top: Gap Athletic
Tank: lululemon, racerback
Kicks: New Balance, 515’s
Bag: lululemon, Festival Bag

My stats for sizing reference:
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 145
Measurements: 37/26/37

Gym Outfit Of The Week With Coach Holly - lululemon, gap athletic and new balance


These. Pants. Are. Life. You know that material that feels like butter? Like the inside of fleecy sweatpants but better, because it doesn’t make you overheat all day? That would be these pants.

SIZING: I sized down in these. Size 2. I’m normally a size 4 in Wunder Unders, Inspires, Pace Crops, Speed Tights, etc.

SWEAT TEST: These pants failed miserably in other colors like the pinks and lighter greens, but the darker colors like this didn’t show as much. I know from experience that it’s the material. They are so cottony and soft that the material just soaks up sweat, but shows it as well. The lighter teal pants that I have in this color are the same way. Within five to six minutes, I already had the “V” sweat line on the crotch, and of course left a sweaty snail trail on every bench when I got up. By the time I left, I looked like I sat in something— like a pool. Oh well! Would it stop me from buying them? No. In fact, I have backup pairs of each color.

These pants move very, very well. I especially appreciate that they don’t fall down or get baggy throughout my workout— no yanking on them all day, and they are not see through at all!

Gym Outfit Of The Week With Coach Holly - lululemon, gap athletic and new balance


Cottony, slightly stretchy, a little bit on the long side, but doesn’t go over your booty if it’s too long on you. I think it looks really cute tied at the side.

SIZING: on point, I’m wearing my regular size 6 like I normally do in other tops from lululemon.


Lightweight and breezy, flowy, very comfortable, breathable due to it being a sort of “burn-out” material. You can wear it draped off of one shoulder or it stays well on both shoulders without slipping.

SIZING: Size small

Gym Outfit Of The Week With Coach Holly - lululemon, gap athletic and new balance

Holly Mitchell

Holly E. Mitchell is an IFBB Figure Pro, certified nutrition and training coach with Lean Bodies Consulting, CPT, ISSN-SNS and Mom of twoboys who finagles her way into wearing gym clothes to most social activities.

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