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Every single day I am learning something new about my own hair and makeup. There are so many blogs, youtube channels, instagrams, and facebooks that give great advice; the best part is finding out what works for you! It’s is all about trail and error and having some fun!

Today, I just want to share 10 of my favorite beauty tips that work well for me. I almost never complete a look without these tips!

Favorite Beauty Tips

1.Using a primer for foundation helps minimize pores, even out skin tone, and aid with longevity.

I cannot apply foundation before using primer. My makeup is noticeably different if I forget it! It minimizes my pores so much which also helps to not clog them!

2. Applying an illuminizer to the cupids bow of your lip will give them a fuller and more defined look.

This is probably one of my favorites! I love applying some highlight/illuminizer to the cupids bow of my lip which will give them that extra pop to really complete a makeup look. I don’t have the strongest points on my lips so doing this helps to draw them out!

3. Do you have smaller set eyes? Apply white eyeliner on your lower lash line to give the appearance of larger eyes.

I definitely do this all of the time! It’s easy to get out of control by adding too much but a subtle amount can truly widen the eye and give the appearance of bigger eyes with that doe-eyed look!

4. Use dry shampoo starting the day you wash your hair to prevent oil buildup from occurring.

I get it, why use dry shampoo when your hair is clean? I like to use it starting the day I wash my hair. I believe it is better to prevent oil build up than try to take the oil away. So every day I like to spritz a little dry shampoo in my hair and it helps so much to keep it clean, fresh, smelling good, and oil free! Check THIS POST on my favorite dry shampoo!

5. To help with fall out + to create a more vivid eyeshadow — dip your brush in water, makeup sprays, or eyedrops.

This is a tip I have totally mentioned before! Dipping your brush in some type of liquid, it will give a more vibrant look but at the same time it will prevent your eyeshadow from falling all over your face!

Favorite Beauty Tips

6. Want to smell good all over? Spritz perfume is strategic spots to achieve an even scent on your entire body.

Spraying your perfume in strategic spots on your clothes can help with longevity and give off scent from all areas! Spritz some on your hair, behind your ears, inner elbow, on your belly button, lower back, and behind your knees! I like to do this instead of spraying a ton on my chest area because sometimes that can be overwhelming and it seems to never stay! Spraying perfume in several areas will definitely last longer!

7. Fighting hair static? Put a dryer sheet on your brush before brushing your hair!

Something about my house gives off some serious static and I swear, I take every measure to prevent it from happening. I simply take one dryer sheet and poke the bristles of my brush through so it lays flat with the brush and I brush my hair with it. It totally works!

8. To create a thicker lash, apply mascara with your eyes closed rather than open.

Okay, so this sounds confusing. What I mean is, to get thicker mascara on your upper lashes; apply from the top side rather than the bottom side. Quick story — in 7th grade I let a boy do my makeup and he applied my mascara totally wrong, or so I thought. He made me close my eyes, he applied my mascara on top while they were closed and I swear, my lashes were so much thicker! Since that day I have applied mascara HIS way instead of this typical way!

9. To make a lipstick matte, put a tissue on your lips and dab some translucent powder over it!

To add a little matte-ness to your lipstick, take a piece of toilet paper and peel it as thin as you can. It usually has two or three layers, so get it down to one later. Put it on your lips and apply some translucent powder over it. It will remove some shine and add a little bit of matte, but not too much. It’s perfection!

10. Spot cleaning your makeup brushes after each use will 100% give a more flawless appearance on your next makeup look.

I don’t always do this and have mentioned it several times before but spot cleaning your brushes after each use will definitely make your next makeup look appear more flawless and clean. Dirty brushes give off a dirty look so clean those brushes girls! Here’s how I like to do it!

Do you guys use any of these tips? I’d love to know what your favorite tricks are!


Desiree Savo

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