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India Paulino is an IFBB Bikini Pro, Team Bombshell coach and certified personal trainer. She is managed by Fitness Management Group. India's ultimate goal is to inspire individuals to chase their dreams and motivate them to stay on that path even if the road gets bumpy..

India is a BSN sponsored athlete.

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What is Fit & Beautiful?

What is Fit & Beautiful?

Define it on your own terms

We all want to look great in a stunning dress, our swimsuits on the beach and, of course, our birthday suits. What does “looking great” really meaning though? Is it having a flat tummy? Is it having six pack abs and toned arms and legs? Does the number on your scale determine it?

Does Stretching Prevent Injuries?

Does Stretching Prevent Injuries?

It depends on when you do it

I remember my coaches in elementary and high school gym class always preaching the importance of stretching to avoid injury. When we are getting ready to exercise, we warm up and then stretch, right? But, does that protocol actually help us to avoid injury? I decided to do some research to find out.

Love Yourself!

Love Yourself!

6 steps for seeing your beauty

Have you ever come across a girl who couldn’t see her own beauty? Perhaps she’s felt pressure to look differently than she does: longing for a different body type, comparing herself to girls in fitness magazines and/or struggling to get over bad past experiences that altered her self-perception.